Modeling BMW 5-series in Rhino

Do You like what You see? Do You want to know how? Then this BOOK is for You!
BMW 5-series

This unique guide-book is for advanced users as well as for intermediate. It shows how to modeling 3D car in Rhinoceros and
rendering in 3DS MAX with Brazil r/s. It is possible to work with included in archive files, which also offers models,
scene files, materials, texture maps, and additional insight on how the package works. This is the way to present the book’s projects.
The author helps you to create model of BMW 5-series with convincing lighting effects and build realistic picture.
The book also supplies with knowledge about advanced modeling techniques (NURBS).
Sub-chapters of the book contain information about visualization in 3DS MAX with rendering system Brazil r/s.

Product Details:
Author: Pavel Mikhailenko (MPavlos)
Paperback: 234 pages
Language: English
Archive size: 160 mb.
Format: PDF
Shipping: by e-mail.

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Pavel Mikhailenko,

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Great Value 2/21/2009 'Edwin' из Edwin
I bought the book a couple of weeks ago. It is really amazing that I can now make pretty good complicated objects by following the tutorial and using the Rhino 4.0. If you want to learn making 3D quickly. I strongly recommend you to get this book. Good value.
881 из 1708 считают этот отзыв полезным
Best tutorial 8/23/2008 'Mirek' из Mirek
Easy to understanding, great book about modeling in Rhinoceros!
14 из 34 считают этот отзыв полезным
Great! 8/9/2012 'Josh' из Josh
This book goes through all of the techniques used to create professional models and textures. The tutorial chapters are advanced enough to keep the experienced users challenged, and the background information is easy enough for students and novices to understand. There is material in this book I have been looking for, and is not available in any other books out there. This is one book that everyone that is interested in creating 3D graphics should get.
521 из 1397 считают этот отзыв полезным
My opinion 7/9/2008 'Alissa' из Alissa
I've just have bought a book and I can't stop admiring it. That is a very good one and it surely worth that 100$ I've spent for it.
553 из 1537 считают этот отзыв полезным
Best of all 8/7/2007 'Antonio' из Antonio
Very cognitive and interesting book.
384 из 1366 считают этот отзыв полезным
Excellent Learning Guide 10/21/2008 'Bulent Tomlinson' из Bulent Tomlinson
The manual is very well organized and clearly the right choice for any person willing to learn, even if knowing absolutely nothing about this great software.
401 из 1559 считают этот отзыв полезным
absolutely wonderful material!!!! 2/21/2009 'Kiki' из Kiki
It is truely a wonderful book! I have been reading and modeling in Rhino for 2 full days, and I found it is so cleary written and highly detailed that you won't miss anything. The model itself is in a great detail, it covers from exterior to interior. In short, I believe anyone finish this book, he can become a master in Rhino.