You can be prototyping in two weeks! Design and cut parts or station molds for projects from bicycles to aero-space products on our affordable CNC machine. Boat and automobile parts have been modeled in RHINO and built on the ShopBot. Limited only by your imagination and skills. Our stepper motors give our 3 axis routers a step resolution of 0.0019', 60-80lbs of linear cutting force, and a maximum deviation of 0.007' under load. Scream through foam, wood, composite board, plastics, soft metals, ice, and many other materials with our 200 inch per minute routers - available to your size and specifications. Our new benchtop model sells for $4995 and has a 24'x32'x6' cutting area. Standard size is a 4'x8'x6' cutting area and sells for $5895 or $7390 with our steel table. Can be used with many standard routers. Download our control and code software free! Call to ask about options, including high frequency machining spindles, dust collection, vacuum hold down, second z axis, 6 tool changer, electronic z zeroing plate, proximity switches, digitizing probe, 4th axis rotary indexer, and of course, Rhinoceros and other software.

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Scott Julian, ShopBot Tools, Inc.

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Low cost CNC 3/24/2002
I have been using RHINO to generate tool-paths for my ShopBot for over a year. The ShopBot is a hard to beat for quickly producing a part or pattern modeled in RHINO. The ShopBot forum and support have been in excess of what I would expect from a 'low-end' tool. The accuracy has been as stated. Working in wood it is easily more accurate than necessary for my uses. Ron Brown - If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? - Will Rogers