3D Creator Wireless Digitizer

Hand-held digitizing is available to all Rhino users using the 3D CreatorTM from Boulder Innovation Group, Inc. The 3D Creator is a state of the art wireless, hand held digitizer. It is the ideal solution for capturing features and dimensions of three-dimensional objects. Using 3D Creator and Rhino, you can measure and reverse engineer virtually any shape that you can imagine! The 3D Creator includes a Dynamic Reference Frame (DRF). The DRF allows you to move the camera around the object being measured as necessary to digitize all surfaces and features. The system references all data points taken on the measured object to the DRF, regardless of the camera location. This provides you with extreme flexibility in object measuring. The 3D Creator offers total freehand digitizing using optical infrared technology. Since the handheld probe is not attached to anything by wires or arms, the system works in virtually all orientations. The handheld stylus weighs only 7 ounces and operates for hours on a single charge. Low cost and portability make the 3D Creator the ideal tool for those looking to increase their productivity. Contact: Ivan Faul, Boulder Innovation Group, Inc. 303 447-0248 (Phone) 303 447-3905 (Fax)

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Ivan Faul, Boulder Innovation Group, Inc.
303 447 0248

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I wish I had this years ago!!! 2/23/2006
This tool is fantasic. - It has sped up the time it takes me to get get data from panels/chassis picup points with more accuracy than ever, particualy on organic shapes (car body work etc).