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SprutCAM is powerful 3D CAM software for tool path design from simple to complex, offering a complete set of programming strategies from 2.5D to 4&5 Axis simultaneous milling, lathe, MTM, Wire EDM and even robots. With sophisticated feature-based programming strategies and detailed whole-process simulation tools, SprutCAM delivers top level functionality at an incredibly affordable price.
SprutCAM support direct import of the parts from Rhino via Add-Ins: 
  • AddIn in SprutCAM (item of import menu) provide direct import into SprutCAM of native Rhino format. 
  • AddIn in Rhino (toolbar of Rhino) provide direct export of the parts into SprutCAM.
SprutCAM have a fully associative geometry and toolpaths provide to modify the geometry or machining parameters and immediately get an accurate, updated toolpath.

The Add-ins are available as part of the standard SprutCAM release.
SprutCAM connects to any CNC machine or robot: you can evaluate using the free trial version, which is fully functional during 30 days.
For more information, contact info@SprutCAM.com.

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Yuriy Vishnevsky, SprutCAM - SPRUT Technology

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