We are a precious metal casting company offering a full range of services from designing with Rhino, Matrix, Rapid Prototyping with Perfactory, Viper, RTV Molding, LASER Welding and a whole lot more. We can build , grow your files at the finest resolution: 0.020mm layers ( 50 layers in one millimeter) this is the one third of the human hair!!! Check it out:

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Zsombor Antal ( Bobo ), Best Cast

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Great working with Best Cast 6/24/2006
this is ine company that really tries to please the consumer. their efforts are unbeatable. they won't stop until their customer is completely satisfied. i know i always am.
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We found an AMAZING RESOURCE IN BEST CAST 12/17/2004
I recently gave Best Cast a complicated design to render on cad. I was extremely pleased with quality of his design and the amazing 3-D, photo-realistic rendering that he sent me. It clinched a big holiday sale for my store. It was a great advantage to have his company build the model, cast the piece and send it to me in very a short time frame. I really pushed Best Cast to the limit and they came through with flying colors. I highly recommend their services. They are very nice people to deal with also.
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met at the JA Show 1/24/2006
After using Best Cast's services for a year now, I finally met with some of the Best Cast staff at the New York JA show. They are as great as the service and quality that they offer. I think that if you try them, you will feel the way that I do.
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Bobo is the best! 7/29/2004
Best cast helps us make money. That's the bottom line.
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no cad experience 8/30/2004
It’s very important to find a company that offers a diversity of services. I am extremely pleased with their casting but they have no cad-cam experience.
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I only have praise for Best Cast. 9/17/2006
I have been doing business with Bobo for over 6 years now. In all those years I had one piece that had some porosity and it was redone by next business day. They have great quality, service and turn around time is untouchable by others. Their cad work has always been right on and I am very happy with all facets of their business. They are very reachable, reliable and fast. It’s like having the caster in the backroom of your store.
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service beyond belief 9/16/2006
i've tried many different service companies, but best cast has my vote for the best, just as its name implies. quick, friendly service with great quality. they have a no questions asked policy if you aren't satisfied. what more can one ask?
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Service 3/11/2005
Best Cast has provided me with a 'one stop' shopping outlet. the CAD designing was excellent as well as the rendering. we ordered the piece cast into 18K and were very pleased with the results. the entire process was handled in a few days. their service and quality are excellent.
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porosity 3/27/2006
Had trouble more than time with them producing casting with a great amount of porosity. Was not happy with service or product.
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Christmas Eve 12/24/2004
here is the last business day before Christmas and we recieved, much to our surprise, a wonderful, customed designed piece that Best Cast was able to design, render and create all within a few days. i am confident our customer will be thrilled when i let her know that we WERE able to accomodate her by Christmas. this was all due to the hard, efficient work by Best Cast. such service we have never experienced before. they are the most accomodating company we have ever used. thank you Best Cast!!!
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thanks best cast 9/3/2005
i love the fact that best cast is a 1 stop service company. they designed my item, prototyped it, cast it and finished it. the quality was very good and the time was great.
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Best-Cast, great team, great quality, great service! 4/21/2005
Bobo and his team at Best-Cast have worked with me on large rush orders and have pulled through every time, even in the heat of the X-mas rush. Friendly, professional, accomodating, I couldn't ask for more. Since I started using Bobo's service, I rarely use my CNC mill anymore. Bobo ensures that the Perfactory patterns are perfect. Perfactory patterns can not be directly cast so a cold rubber mold must be created. What one receives when he sends in a 3D pattern is a mold and wax which is great for production, and if ordered, an excellent casting in any precious metal.
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Best Cast #1 3/29/2005
i have had several recent orders with Best Cast. their service was wonderful. the quality is exeptional.
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Zsombor Antal's Best Cast is great! 2/22/2005
I have used best cast for four years for ALL OUR CASTING. There's never a problem that is not resolved. We can turn a platinum casting around from file to produced piece in three days. Always responsive and fair. Lazer correction and tumbling are great value added services. Zsombor is a very effective designer in his own rite. He does platinum with crystallized high karat content inlay that are beautiful!
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Great job 12/22/2004
This Christmas season, we relied upon Best Cast several times to design and render pieces utilizing our clients various diamonds. Best Cast was able to work with our clients through us, to create magnificent, one of a kind items that our clients loved. The best part of Best Cast is that they expedited the production and we had our pieces to us within a few days of giving them the go ahead. I certainly would recommend anyone give them a try.
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best cast 12/22/2004
Excellent turnaround, great service, great people to work with. Quality of RP and Casting is second to none
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Despite our unreasonable demands, Best Cast was able to design, render, re-adjust to satisfy our finicky client and still was able to build the model, mold and cast the piece within a few days. They were very accomodating during this holiday rush. My staff and I are extremely grateful to all the help the folks at Best Cast were able to provide us. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for great service and quality work.