Share3D PDF

  • Import 3D files such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Rhino, SketchUp, +
  • Rapidly capture 3D views and recall them with PDF bookmarks
  • Preview and publish to one of more than 50 high-impact templates
  • Click to easily customize text, images, logos and colors
  • Many templates include interactive buttons and clickable lists
  • Share 3D with anyone that has Adobe(R) Reader 9+

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Brian Roberts, QuadriSpace

Customer Reviews
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Great Stuff 8/12/2011 by 'Bob' from Bob
I made some pretty killer looking PDFs with this software. Slick product for making 3D PDFs in no time.
147 of 696 people found the following review helpful
I like it... 8/15/2011 by 'Russ' from Russ
...i can make real nice pdfs in no time. The 50 templates that come with it are nice and blow all the other 3d PDF makers I know of.