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In this Rhino 3D tutorial video course, instructor Brian DiNola shows you how to get started with the powerful modeling tools in this professional level software. Utilized by many industries, Rhino3D is a powerful platform for just about anything from industrial modeling and architecture to custom design, and prototype development and more.

This Rhino 3D training video first tackles everything you need to know about the Rhinoceros 3D interface, explaining viewports, zooming, panning and more, so that you are never limited by the virtual workspace. Once you have mastered the program's basic tools, you can build practically anything you want piece by piece. In these Rhino tutorials you will learn how to work with curves, surfaces, solids, and meshes, taking basic contours and shapes and molding them into your own creative designs. As Rhino is also suitable for manufacturing and industrial use, you will also learn its prototyping, measurement, and printing tools, too.

by the conclusion of this computer software training, you will be fully versed in creating models in Rhino 3D. Work files are included with the Rhino 3D tutorial so you can easily follow along with each lesson.

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Colin Boyd, Infinite Skills

Customer Reviews
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InfiniteSkills Rhino 3D 10/6/2010 by 'Patrick Hickey' from Patrick Hickey
I would just like thank Brian DiNola for the Rhino 3D tutorial video. I'm a hobbyist & have using Rhino for 9 years. And suffice to say, even after 9 years using Rhino, that Brian has taught me various Rhino techniques & methods. I guess it's like driving, after a while you develop bad habits and it's only when somebody comes along, like Brian, and puts you right! Thanks a lot! Thoroughly recommended.
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Infinite Skills Rhino Tutorials Video 10/3/2010 by 'G Hocking' from G Hocking
Brian DiNola presents a highly professional series of video tutorials for Rhino at the beginner's level. You will need to be able to handle and understand the basic Rhino commands before you use these tutorials to their best level. It takes you way past just understanding commands and into models. Clear, interesting and very well done! I highly recommend this series.
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Excellent Rhino Tutorials 5/1/2011 by 'Alan Crighton' from Alan Crighton
I've been using Rhino now for ~6 years, and still learning. The Rhino 4 training bundle (Basic & Advanced) is a superb resource I refer to again & again, even though I'd regard myself as a fairly proficient Rhino user. The video tutorials are short and to the point. Many times I uncovered features that I didn't even know existed. Overall, a highly recommended resource for Rhino users of all skill levels, value for money can't be better.
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Best Rhino training bar none ; ) 11/1/2010 by 'Bill Isenberger' from Bill Isenberger
This is the best, most complete Rhino training I've seen. Excellent job Brian! Thanks, Bill
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An Excellent course, will worth it 9/29/2010 by 'David Jacobs' from David Jacobs
Being a newcomer to Rhino I've purchased a few books from Amazon and also a couple of training videos to help me learn. I could have saved myself the money by purchasing this course first. The tutor uses a nice balance of practical examples and clear easy to follow instruction. There is a lot of information packed into this course, so much so it took me a full week to go through the course from start to finish. The course is filled with a never-ending supply of real world tips, I constantly found my self stopping to the movie to try techniques out. I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot, far more than from other products I've purchased. I now have a solid foundation on which to build my Rhino skills. I highly recommend this course, it's well worth the cost.
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Good stuff! 9/28/2010 by 'Chris Carpenter' from Chris Carpenter
I'd done some basic work with Maya in the past (several years ago), but my skills were rusty so I knew I would have an uphill battle going into my work with Rhino 3D. It was actually worse than I thought. The NURBs-based modeling system required me to think my approach entirely (though probably for the better). I basically had to rebuild my 3D knowledge from scratch. So I looked at a few videos on YouTube and some other free tips and tutorials sites, and that was mildly helpful, but I couldn't really find anything that started from square one. Until I found this course. Infinite Skills has done a superior job, starting at a point that should work even for people with less experience than I had. Once I saw the free lessons posted, I knew this would be different. The videos are detailed, the examples are clear, and I have not looked back. Strongly recommended for anyone without Rhino experience. After looking at some of the other video courses around, I'd have to say the price is reasonable, too.
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Awesome Videos 9/28/2010 by 'Ken Sanders' from Ken Sanders
Brian has done an excellent job on these tutorials! Clear and concise. The videos and narration were top notch. Best I have ever seen to date. I don't consider myself a beginner, but I can say, I have picked up many useful tips from this series of training videos. Worth every penny.
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Excellent tutorial 9/24/2010 by 'Colin Rowland' from Colin Rowland
I purchased this training video after I tried that from another vendor, I have to say what a difference. This product is so much more than an introduction to Rhino, it really shows you how it works and how to use it in commercial environment. The author shows you around the interface and then he jumps right in. He highlights tips and techniques that have already saved me far more than the cost of the training in saved time. I really pleased with this product and I highly recommend it. Colin Rowland