cheetahSTC is a high quality all hexahedral meshing program.

Completely integrated into Rhino3D this program allows the generation of hex meshes for applications such as CFD and FEA.

Based on a Cell3, this program introduces a new revolution in simulation driven design. The Cell3 is a true 3D iso-parametric volumetric definition of space where smooth continuous solids can be created directly using both the functions in Rhino and cheetahSTC. 

Instead of the normal procedure of fitting individual mesh elements to a fixed boundary geometry this new method uses the power of Rhino's Nurbs surface editing control to dynamically shape of the Cell3 model via a morphing and association method.

When cheetahSTC is used in combination with the OpenSource CFD program OpenFoam, high grade professional level simulations are possible at a mere fraction of the cost of any other system thereby enabling consultants and freelancers to turn a healthy profit whilst producing accurate world class results. 

Powerful and easy to use. Hex meshing has always been considered as being too difficult and complex. Not any more, new methodologies ensure that even a detailed F1 car can be meshed in a few weeks, and on a PC. A task that is impossible by any other software. 

cheetahSTC is sold as a monthly subscription. 

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Dr Peter Murdoch, Moceon

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