Rhinojewel 5.0

Rhinojewel 5.0 is the latest evolution of TechGems 4.0, a professional Jewelry Design Software industry leader since 2000.

Developed by a team of seasoned CAD-CAM and second generation jewelry trade experts, Rhinojewel 5.0 makes it easy for jewelry designers and manufacturers to create from the simplest to the most daring jewelry design. 3D models made with Rhinojewel can be used to output photorealistic renders for client presentations or online catalogues and are compatible with all the best Rapid Prototyping solutions available on the market today. Rhinojewel also includes specific tools that simplify and speed up the positioning of 3D models onto Solidscape build plates.

Gem Tools

As the supplier of choice to the leading jewelry houses worldwide, Rhinojewel 5.0 is always at the forefront of the latest technological advancements and in the enviable position of collaborating with the world's best jewelry designers. This constant dialogue with industry professionals results in a powerful yet easy to use jewelry design software, with a clear and intuitive interface designed to speed up and simplify the tasks of creating jewelry.

Metal Tools

The vast selection of jewelry specific tools of Rhinojewel has been developed for real-world professional usage and is the result of over 20 years of experience in goldsmithing, jewelry design, gemology, stone setting, 3D applied to jewelry design/manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. Click here to view video samples of Rhinojewel 5.0 tools.

Rhinojewel 5.0 is developed by Techjewel SL, a Barcelona based company specializing in new technologies applied to jewelry design and manufacturing, training and consultancy.

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Alex Antich, Techjewel S.L.
+34 447 05 06

Customer Reviews
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Muy buen Software 7/2/2010 by 'Andrea' from Andrea
Lo que me encanta de Rhinojewel es la facilidad de su uso, es bastante rápido a la hora de encontrar alguna herramienta y son específicas para joyería y están muy bien pensadas. Las veces que me he tenido una duda, me han atendido muy bien y súper rápido. Y lo mejor de todo es la relación calidad precio ^_^
219 of 696 people found the following review helpful
Un réel confort de travail ! 10/29/2009 by 'Philippe Adamovitch' from Philippe Adamovitch
Je suis utilisateur de Rhino depuis maintenant plus de 7 ans dans le domaine de la joaillerie. J’ai mes habitudes de travail avec ce logiciel, c’est donc avec un peu de scepticisme que je me suis laisse tenter par l’interface de Rhinojewel. Je l’ai adopté en 2 jours !! Ils ont réussi à optimiser la capacité de travail sans changer foncièrement la disposition des outils, tout en intégrant de nouvelles applications spécifiques à la modélisation de bijoux. Une intervention intelligente, discrète, mais très efficace qui remédie à certaines lacunes de la version originale. Je conseille même ce plugin à des personnes modélisant dans d’autre domaine que la bijouterie. Un réel confort de travail ! MERCI