Basic Jewelry Tutorials

The tutorials are designed for beginners. They include five step-by-step lessons that illustrate different techniques used to model rings.

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Great introduction for jewellery design 5/30/2008 by 'Judith' from Judith
This was a great introduction to using Rhino for jewellery design. It may have helped that I had used another 3d package to some extent. But it was really helpful to have the whole procedure written up for each ring, it can be so tedious when you are new to these packages having to go back to a previous lesson to check eg. how to draw the initial shank. I can't be the only one who can't remember everything first time around. I'm really looking forward to learning more.
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que superprograma 2/10/2010 by 'julian arias' from julian arias
soy joyero y estoy fascinado con este programa me interesa mucho aprender a manejarlo