T-Splines for Rhino

T-Splines will smooth a mesh and convert it to a NURBS-compatible surface. This works best with low polycount models (under 30,000 polygons) as the number of control points is not reduced by conversion.

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Matthew Sederberg, T-Splines, Inc.

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Editing T-Splines 6/16/2008 by 'Guillermo Sureda-Burgos' from Guillermo Sureda-Burgos
First I would like to explain why I gave this very innovative product only 3 stars: I wanted to give it 5 stars for ease of modelling of complex organic geometry, whilst at the same time 1 star for ease of editing. I believe “T-Splines” best feature is also its worst. By this I mean T-Splines will allow a tremendous inflow of creative modelling talent coming form the CGI world of subdivision surfacing to make an incursion into the Class “A” surfacing and manufacturing industries. The CGI industry’s modelling needs are very different from those required for manufacturing of Class “A” surfaces; just trying to edit a model created with the T-Splines plug-in will make this painfully clear. I just reviewed a model of an airplane’s control yoke and after close examination of the surfaces have concluded the most expedient way to edit the part is to re-create all surfaces from scratch. The problem is not continuity; the problem is the sheer number of surfaces the plug-in creates to conform to the control point placement criteria of a CGI pro unaware about manufacturing and posterior feature editing. A model that could be created by at most four primary surfaces with a few transitional surfaces becomes a hydra of several tens of patches with different parameterizations and boundaries that do not follow any predictable pattern. Just trying to shell this out, creating parting lines or adding details becomes a daunting process. That’s the dark side of the plug-in; the positive aspect has to do with using the technology on items that do not require any critical shelling or additional features, like jewellery or blow moulded items like toys or bottles. Here I can see a very bright future for T-Splines. Another indirect advantage can I see coming is the praise “old-school” trained surface modelling professionals will receive for the much faster editing of their models, compared to those produced with T-Splines. Surface modelling is hard because understanding and communicating complex topologies IS hard; not because NURBS makes it harder on class “A” modelling professionals.
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Verry useful Plugin 8/22/2009 by 'Robert' from Robert
For this Plugin I have waited for a long time. Congratulations to the people of T-Splines.
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the most effective modeling plugin 1/17/2010 by 'Matus' from Matus
Hi! I downloaded Tsplines for 30 days [trial] to make my semestral project. First I was unsure, because I did not believe that I can make this project in a week in new plugin I have not tried before. I touched Tsplines for the first time and in two days I was done with the project! Tsplines are the best way how to model organic nurbs models, they are the most effective way how to model and edit these surfaces, so I can't agree with Guillermo Sureda-Burgos that reviewed this product [see previous comments]. Editing with Tsplines was as easy as modeling simple surfaces in plain Rhino. You can see my project here: http://www.matusnedecky.com/muzeum-tanca/ It is in Slovak language, but you can see images to imagine my Tsplines architectural structure. Very good point is that this complicated structure took after modeling only 18 MB in my computer! I can really recommend this product for easy modeling and editing. Double 5 stars from me, if it is possible :)