It's a automatical bear modeling soft. Please set up new Rhino then use that. You can adjust angle of the arms and legs of the bear. You can choose number of the bear.

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Akira Ota, Design Office

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Great conept 10/28/2006
that is the cutest thing! I wish there were more fun plugins like this. Not particularly useful, but very, very fun.
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Funny 8/27/2002
Very funny
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Fantastic 9/25/2003
I'm so glad I found this plugin, from the same person who brought us the wonderful 'tire-maker' It's a real coincidence, but it just so happens that I often need to make simplistic nurbs bears and tires. If I may suggest, how about 'loaf of bread maker' or 'nepalese incense-stick maker' ?
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Wonderful 1/8/2006
We are proud users of BearMaker and TireMaker. The implementaion of this software into our manufacturing workflow has reduced time to market of our bears and tires tremendously. As the bear/tire idustries become more competitive this suite of software gives us a competitive advantage. Looking forward to future versions.