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Unleash the Power of Rhino 5 with a 3D Mouse
The introduction of Rhino 5 sets a new benchmark for how good the 3Dconnexion 3D mouse experience can be! However you use Rhino, adding a 3D mouse to the mix makes it easier to design by enabling a more natural connection to your digital content. In no time at all, you’ll be totally immersed in the 3D world, having a blast while you design your best creations ever!
Take Control of Your 3D Creations
A 3D mouse provides Rhino 5 users an incomparable level of design interaction, making it a rewarding and creativity boosting tool. What’s capable with this 3D design duo?
Intelligent 3D Navigation — Whether you’re working with larger models or focusing on intricate details in object mode, the 3D mouse automatically
follows your point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation. Alternatively, you can easily choose to rotate around a selected item.

Enhanced Camera Navigation — Navigate your 3D world in the way that’s most comfortable for you. Use the 3D mouse to manipulate your model in any of three navigation modes: Camera, Target Camera or Helicopter.

Customizable Buttons — With Rhino 5’s new 3D mouse button mapping editor, it’s quick and easy to assign your favorite commands to the 3D mouse function keys, so you can stay in the zone by reducing keyboard and standard mouse use.
Get started, and experience the natural, intuitive feel of combining Rhino 5 with a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse. Complement the many design improvements and capabilities the new Rhino 5 has to offer, and transform your concepts into reality.

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Customer Reviews
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logitech 1/9/2004
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Space Mouse is great but not a Rhino must-have 9/17/2002
I am using a Space Mouse Plus with several applications. When working 3D I wouldn't want to miss it anymore. It is, however, most useful with the 'old' applications, e.g. 3D Max/Viz, AutoCad. Those still come with very clumsy view manipulation tools. You need to click buttons or type shortcuts, thus really interrupting commands and cutting work flow. Rhinoceros, in many respects, is just a more modern software that does not have you drag around the entire history of 3D modelling. Its right-click perspective rotation tool does much of what a space mouse provides. No interruption of command there. The space mouse has the additional zoom function going for it. Also, the programmable buttons do a lot for people who use them. Perhaps you could say, the softer your geometry the more indispensible you will find the space mouse. Space mouse is nice with Rhinos but the old Dinosaurs get a whole new lease on life with it.
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Spacemouse 11/15/2002
Having only had a spacemouse-plus for two weeks now, I am already addicted to it! Now an essential tool for modeling. Greatly increases intuitive work flow, and cuts down on 'mouse-click' time. Very good tool for presentations too - allowing smooth multidimensional fly around and investigation. Coming to CAD from a traditional model/mould making background, this tool goes a long way to recreating a hands-on interaction with the model. An excellent tool