This document attempts to provide a roadmap for the Rhino.Inside.Revit project to help the development teams plan accordingly for the upcoming versions, features, and bug fixes.

Keep in mind that this project is in beta so this Roadmaps is also a work in progress and subject to change


  • Complete the Wiki for the project
    • Complete Guides
    • Cleanup and Provide better Samples
  • Create workflows for various tasks in Rhino.Inside.Revit. Create custom components to support the workflows
  • Have users test these components and workflows. Use the feedback to improve, identify new workflows, and fix bugs
  • While working on 1-3, fix a series of high-priority bugs e.g License Errors, DLL Conflicts, Better Window Management
  • Start the v1.0 for the project with new component layout and all built-in components. v1.0 will have a new Wiki, and Beta will remain to support existing users