The training courses that we do are aimed at those who are 'interested in taking the first steps
cad design in the field of jewelry but are also directed to those who despite being already '
expert needs an "upgrade" to improve their technique, learn a new
"Design method" practical and fast maybe using plug in details such as
t-spline Autodesk - jtools of Logis3d- Rhinodiamond Smart 3d
Teachers are certified ART (Authorized Rhino Trainers) and have an 'experience
many years of experience grossed jewels for the most 'prestigious global jewelry brands.
according to the needs of candidates we can develop a training program
piu 'articulated than we do habitually and which have a duration of
about 8-10 hours.
course type:
Particularly interesting 'course:
during this course of the duration of 160 hours the candidate will learn 'the majority of
useful commands to achieve different types of jewelry; followed constantly by each Coach
phase will 'interspersed with free exercises conducted at the headquarters of CREATIVE.
At the end of this full immersion in the world of the candidate will be 'capable professionals
to realize in full autonomy its jewelery, ready for prototyping
with 3d printing systems, or even to realize Render Animated for presentation
of their projects.
Rhinoceros 1st and 2nd level -16 hours-
Zebra ring
High jewelry ring
Bracelet -10 hours-
My jewel-in based on the difficulty of the project
-10 hours-
-10 hours-
-160 hours-
Smart -3 hours-

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