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All our courses Maxwell Render are carried out by teachers with over 10 years of active and direct experience in the professional design, and specialized teaching, even at university level. A real-3D was the first training center recognized Next Limit in Italy. At the end of each of our course of Maxwell Render, it will be released the Official Certification Next Limit.

X-Pert Trainer: L 'Arch. Federico Biffi Gentili is Maxwell X-pert Trainer recognized by Next Limit. The X-pert Trainer are able to offer highly qualified services to support the design, support, consulting and training, both in Italy and abroad.

"Maxwell Render it is the innovative software" unbiased "able to create professional photo-realistic representations. Created by Next Limit as an alternative way to traditional rendering engine, Maxwell Render uses physically correct parameters managing the light sources without the use of photon maps, radiosity, and other common techniques. Having only one rendering parameter based on the real behavior of light, with Maxwell we can forget the setting of abstract parameters such as light bounces and management algorithms. This results in a very intuitive and easy to use software, with specific references to the actual operation of the camera. Unpublished applications as multilight, constant re-rendering, real-time interactive preview, provide image management in real-time, saving time in the process image.

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