Maxsurf is an integrated suite of software for naval architecture and ship construction. Many Maxsurf users use Rhino in conjunction with Maxsurf - typically hull and primary superstructure modelling is conducted in Maxsurf, while further detailing and interiors is carried out in Rhino. Data exchange is via native 3DM files both to and from Rhino. This preserves surface names, colours, coordinate systems and trimming. Completed models can be analysed for stability, strength and performance prediction using other Maxsurf modules. Plate development and construction modelling can also be carried out in Maxsurf's Workshop module.

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Philip Christensen, Formation Design Systems
+61-8-9335 1522

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Maxsurf, a leading design tool. 5/8/2002
Mungral Yachts has been utilising the excellent qualities of Maxsurf and her suite of other design programs for some time. Maxsurf is simply an excellent start to any design work and the results are a extremely good, with an excellent crew at Formation Design Systems on hand to help in any way they can. We have been using Maxsurf, along with Hydromax in all our design work, which ranges from race yachts through to composite power catamarans. Maxsurf along with Rhino offer the complete package. Maxsurf offers excellent hull design and analysis tools and with Rhino offering an overall 'put it all together' framework, the result is better design work.
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maxsurf 5/5/2005
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Maxsurf Plays Well With Rhino 2/5/2009 by 'Michael Kasten' from Michael Kasten
Kasten Marine Design has been using Maxsurf for over 15 years, starting on the Mac and then following Maxsurf to Windows. Maxsurf has been able to import and export Rhino 3DM files for several years now. With the new release of Maxsurf 14 this interrelationship is even more robust. The Maxsurf suite of programs offers complete hydrostatics, seakeeping analysis, resistance analysis, and construction of the boat, all of which use a common intuitive interface and file format. In Maxsurf we can quickly create, fair and analyse complex trimmed NURBS surface designs, then export them as 3DM files directly to Rhino for realistic rendering or further detailing in 3D.
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Who needs it? 3/26/2003
Maxsurf was the standard NA software at my past two places of employment. It has a Win 3.1 style interface, fair graphics, and mediocre tech support. With Rhino 3.0 plus Phasar, I see no need for this overpriced dinosaur. Their development path seems to have hit a dead end.