$395 Trimmed NURB surface program for hull design - Over 20 years of development - Direct control of hull shape using edit points on the surface - Dynamic curvatures on surface for grid lines and surface cuts - Fairing control using fine-tune move commmands - Produce traditional lines drawings and offsets tables - Input/output of offsets files, like SHCP and GHS - Fit NURB surfaces through stations, even with chines - DXF and IGES (types 143 and 144) input and output - CreateBoat Wizard for fast chine hull or round hull shape creation - Calculation of balanced hydros, stability, and resistance - Sectional properties can be sent to a spreadsheet - Weight calculations of points, curves, and surfaces - Full calculation of total weight and center of gravity - Full relational editing of polysurfaces and trimming curves - Dynamic constraints can be added or deleted as needed - Dynamic ruling lines for designing developable surfaces - Develop or expand simple or doubly-curved surfaces - Define parts of surfaces to unwrap - Includes a database of over 1500 2D airfoil shapes - Full set of 2D and 3D shapes and watertight solids - Many general commands, like sweep, loft, extrude, and curvefit - Offset/shell polysurfaces with different thicknesses - Much, much more

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Stephen Hollister, New Wave Systems, Inc.

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