3DM Import for AutoCAD

3DM Import for AutoCAD is a Rhino 3D Model / OpenNURBS 3DM file import plug-in for AutoCAD. This plug-in gives AutoCAD the ability to import geometric data from 3DM files. 3DM Import for AutoCAD offers seamless conversion of 3DM geometry to AutoCAD's DWG geometry. The integrity of layers, blocks, block instances or inserts, dimensions, etc. are maintained across the conversion. Optionally, polycurves, meshes and blocks can be exploded into simpler objects during the import. The OpenNURBS Initiative was founded by Robert McNeel & Associates in January 2000, with the sole purpose of providing CAD, CAM, CAE and computer graphics software users reliable methods for transferring 3D geometry between applications via the 3DM (3D Model) file format. The 3DM file format is the native file format of Rhinoceros, the NURBS modeling software from McNeel. At SYCODE, we believe that the 3DM file format has tremendous potential and will go a long way to solve the data exchange problem of the CAD software industry. TerrainCAD, our terrain generation, editing and modeling software, also uses the 3DM file format as its native file format. 3DM Import for AutoCAD is very easy to use as it adds a new command to AutoCAD called 3DMImport. Simply type 3DMImport at the AutoCAD command prompt and select a 3DM file to import into the active AutoCAD drawing.

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Deceptive 3/3/2012 by 'n' from n
Have not had a chance to try product yet but very unimpressed with deceptive advertising. After being told product includes free trial, one downloads and installs product in not very user-friendly manner and then is directed to request a license key. User is redirected to a site and requested to pay US 19.99 for a seven day trial or 299.99 to purchase permanent key with capacity for updates. Very expensive for a plugin of this sort and dishonest to promise a free trial and not give one. Further, the customer must wait 48 hours or one business day...not sure which, to receive the actual trial key before they can get going...terrible approach to customer service.