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Best Cast offers fine Prototyping service from your files at the finest resolution with the Perfactory machine. We can build , grow your files as fine as : 0.020mm layers ( 50 layers in one millimeter) this is the one third of the human hair!!! We also offer non-shrink silicone molding and casting of parts. Please check it out:

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Zsombor Antal, Zsombor Antal Designs Inc. / Dba: Best Cast

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Dr. George H. Elder 9/19/2006
We are involved the model ship business, and thus fine detail is the name of the game. Quite frankly, we have been very dissapointed in many RP vendors, and most especialy because of the dreaded 'step' problem in objects that have compound curves. This can create huge difficulties in ship models because the hull forward and aft tapers upwards. Add a bunch of steps around delicate forward and aft deck details, and the end result is a mold-maker's nightmare. This problem cost us much time and money, as one can imagine. Our company was ready to give up on RP technology altogether, and then we had Best Cast do some work for us. Their resolution was everything we had hoped for -- and more. Now we can bring life to many projects that were in the dead pile. Yes, Best Cast is excatly what we needed.
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porosity 3/15/2006
Was not happy with the casting having porosity. They offered to fix but I had to laser weld due to tight schedule, could not wait for them to send back.
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Prototype 9/1/2005
I was very happy with the results from this company. There service is exceptional.
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Great service and quality 8/23/2005
I sent Best-cast a rhino file to make a prototype. They were very professional and their quality was fantastic. They promised to have it finished a certain date and they delivered early. It is a pleasure dealing with them. I recommend Best Cast highly.
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Great work 8/31/2005
Best Cast uses the system that provides me with the highest quality prototypes available. The models are very accurate.