ProtoWizard is a rapid prototyping CAM system. ProtoWizard creates up to 4 axis toolpath from STL files. ProtoWizard has special features for the Jewelry Industry...especially Ring manufacturers! ProtoWizard creates 3 sided ring programs even has build in Core and Support parametrics. ProtoWizard is one of the fastest toolpath generators on the market, creates extremely optimized NC files, and machines the rings in less time with superior quality!

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Contact :

Don Wiesmann, Cutting-Edge Applied Technologies, LLC
(513) 367-4556

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Easy to use and fast 1/26/2005
Easy to use and fast. The learning was also easy.
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The 1/27/2005
From the very first time I fired it up, I found ProtoWizard's interface pretty easy to understand. As a CAM system made especially for milling jewelry models from STL's, 'The Wizard' leads you through a well developed, logical process. It automates machining strategies for rotary axis shanks, three sided rings, as well as flat and two sided jewelry pieces. The interactive (parametric) hub creator for fixturing three sided rings and two sided parts is particularly helpful, as is the choice of combining roughing and finishing toolpaths, minimizing machining time while optimizing the accurate tooling of stone settings along with the smooth surfacing needed for the intricacy of free-form shapes. ProtoWizard leaves very little room for error. It even warns you if a tool you've selected looks like it will gouge the part, suggesting the correct parameters for the tool, specific to the shape of the design. The creator of the program does not assume the average CAD/CAM jeweler is an engineer or machining expert. As jewelers, we're called upon to wear many different hats, multi-tasking from business owner/salesperson, to designer/craftsman and more recently, CAD/CAM operator. So, it's nice to find a CAM system with the right balance of simple, yet effective process-orientation, to advanced geometry-based capabilities—and one that helps to create intelligent toolpaths without being too mentally taxing. Jesse Kaufman
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I can't find a DEMO 1/4/2011 by 'Frank' from Frank
there is no demo available