Multi 3D Data Exchanger

spGate is much more than just a data exchange system.spGate is a completely separate system from the CAD programs designed for data exchanges,and is based on the concept of enabling multiple data exchanges between different types of CAD. Not only that,but spGate comes with a shape correction function, shape check function and removing fillet function enabling high-quality data exchanges even when working with data format has different levels of precision. spGate accommodates any data shape,can be used to restore problem data,and offers out standing cost performance, a multi-faceted approach guaranteed to enhance your operations. Import:3DM,CATIA(V4),CATIA(V5),IDEAS,Unigraphics,Pro/E,Parasolid,ACIS,IGES,STEP. Export:3DM,CATIA(V4),CATIA(V5),I-DEAS,Parasolid,ACIS,IGES,STEP,STL.

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