Astroid 3D Mouse

Increase your Rhino productivity with an Astroid. Lightly push and twist a ball to pan, zoom and spin the model. Used in conjunction with the normal 2D mouse the Astroid provides natural spatial control. This offloads navigation tasks from the mouse hand, also helping to reduce mouse arm fatigue. Eight fully programmable buttons provide instant access to any Rhino command and a 2D scroll-hat has pan-only functionality.

The Astroid Plug-in for Rhinoceros implements the Astroid SUI (Spatial User Interface) that provides World, Camera and PanZoom modes of control. A help file explains all the functionality. There are 4 new commands and 17 new linked toolbar buttons.

Fly through your models like never before! Watch a screen capture, "Camera Control", on the homepage.

How much is your time worth? The Astroid typically pays for itself in the time you save in less than a week!


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George Walker, Spatial Freedom
+61 2 9449 2442

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