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Digital design consultant with 10+ years of 3d modeling experience. Specialize in Vehicles and consumer products.

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kyle houchens, The Outside digital art and design

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Accurate, flexible and fast! 1/1/2008 by 'Anthony' from Anthony
Kyle has produced several high quality 3D models for us. The jobs were specified with varying levels of detail (some with just some hand drawn sketches) and he has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. The work was always on time - even meeting some tight deadlines. It's a pleasure to have worked with Kyle, he communicates promptly and precisely over e-mail. We'll be going to him first with future projects.
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KYLE ROCKS! 8/10/2007 by 'Greg' from Greg
Kyle knows cars! Need a concept car developed? This guy goes above and beyond what you ask him to do! Total enthusiast! Thanks Kyle - You ARE the MAN!
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the MAN 8/7/2007 by 'Jun Imai' from Jun Imai
It's all about Kyle; he transforms our rough sketches into beautiful models in no time. He is definitely one of the sharpest tools in our shed, period! I can't think of another vendor who has worked on so many Hot Wheels products- Kyle and The Outside is the first person that comes to mind when we need to get a project done.
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Rockstar 8/7/2007 by 'Kevin Pasko' from Kevin Pasko
This guy is a rock star. There isn’t a vendor that I have more confidence in. I almost don’t want to give him a good review because I don’t want to share him.
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Great Design Partners! 8/7/2007 by 'Rob Matthes' from Rob Matthes
The Outside helps us bring our Hot Wheels concepts to life. Their great understanding of form development and the technical constraints of our manufacturing process means they can get the job done with the minimum amount of information up front. They also understand a time crunch and always deliver on time. Our partnership with The Outside is an ongoing success!
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smooth 8/8/2007 by 'Kurt Huntsberger' from Kurt Huntsberger
From any view Kyle has always been smooth in his modeling. From a sketch to any rapid prototype format he has always provided successful geometry to get the job done. Only time I can think of that he was not smooth is when I asked for bumps.
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Kyle gets it done! 9/5/2007 by 'Bryan' from Bryan
Kyle can always be counted on to execute our designs quickly and with style. He's our #1 go to guy!
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Tsplines Training with Kyle Houchens 8/19/2010 by 'Kevin Fertenbaugh' from Kevin Fertenbaugh
I've been to many software trainings in the past, but Kyle has to be one of the best software instructors that I've encountered. He begins by giving you the big picture as to what the software does and how it does it. Then he leads you step by step into the operations of the tools. But he doesn't just show you the tool, he immerses you into a usable workflow that helps you not only learn the tool, but enables you with a starting point. Then as you're developing a pattern for working with the software, he BREAKS it. He shows you how it breaks and leads you methodically through how to fix it. How many software trainers have done that for you. Usually you perform demos and everything works perfect. Then you go home and it breaks, leaving you frustrated and upset. But not with Kyle, he's keenly aware of the pitfalls of modeling and training. He wants you to leave and have solutions to lead yourself out of troublesome situations. Absolutely Brilliant. I can't say enough about what an enjoyable experience you'll have. A terrific teacher, wonderful communicator, and a new friend. Take the course, you'll be glad you did.
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SWEETNESS 3/5/2008 by 'Kevin Cao' from Kevin Cao
Great with 2D to 3D translation, adds a designers touch to each projects. Which makes communication between designer and modeler simple and easy. As always, on time delivery as well as a great source for last min. jobs. fast, easy and SWEET! for your modeling needs The Outside is the place to be.
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High quality digital design...FAST 8/20/2007 by 'Bud Kolich' from Bud Kolich
Not only is Kyle the fastest digital modeler I know, his work is always of the highest quality. Need a digital designer with a highly refined aesthetic sense... Look no further.