• Interactive solid-based mapped hexahedral meshing.
  • Interactive solid-based convex block decomposition for specific use with Itasca's 3DEC polyhedral DEM/Continuum analysis product.
  • Automatic all-hexahedral meshing based on KUBRIX® fuzzy-logic block decomposition.
  • Automatic tetrahedral/hexahedral meshing.
  • Automatic octree meshing.
  • Hybrid & multi-scale meshing combining far field and near field meshes with interfaces and joints.

Input Format: STL (closed, manifold or non-manifold triangular mesh) or Rhino solids (topological hexahedra, prisms, or tetrahedra)  

Output Format: ANSYS , ABAQUS, FLAC3D, 3DEC

Rhino Plug-in

The capabilities of KUBRIX-Geo can be launched with the click of a button directly from Rhino.

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Edward Dzik, Itasca Consulting Group

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