Zoo 6 Commercial Release 2018-10-2 (10/02/2018)

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Cloud: Client
  ZO-113 (Bug)Cloud Zoo: Client strings must be localized
  ZO-59 (Bug)Zoo 6 installer doesn't remove Zoo 6 service.
  ZO-68 (Bug)Require .NET 4.5 to install Zoo 6
  ZO-240 (Bug)Installer: Add missing assemblies to Zoo installer
No subsystem
  ZO-50 (Bug)InstallLicense crash with manifest definition mismatch
  ZO-54 (Bug)Change error message
  ZO-58 (Bug)Zoo 6 should remove Zoo 5
  ZO-118 (Bug)"Add License" dialog is not closed automatically
  ZO-123 (Bug)Paired v5 license cannot be used
  ZO-127 (Bug)Second offline validation shows incorrect dialog
  ZO-34 (Feature)Bind Zoo to specific IP
  ZO-33 (Feature)License deleted notification
  ZO-63 (Bug)Zoo should support Mac Release licenses
  ZO-66 (Bug)Add support for Flamingo 5.0 Beta keys
  ZO-67 (Bug)Add Flamingo 5.0 support InstallLicense.exe
  ZO-78 (Bug)Convert McNeelProductsPlugin to use McNeel.License
  ZO-232 (Bug)Operation: Deleting license from zoo 6.9 does not return validation
  ZO-49 (Feature)Zoo: License server log file, could it include failed/rejected requests?
  ZO-128 (Bug)BOTD Zoo from 3/15/17 will not start
  ZO-136 (Bug)Rhino WIP for Mac is missing in the new Zoo 6
  ZO-137 (Bug)Deleting an NFR Lab license may not delete all sub licenses
  ZO-139 (Bug)Return validations when license deleted from Zoo
  ZO-233 (Bug)Service: 30-User Rhino 5 keys only show as 1 in the zoo
  ZO-47 (Bug)Zoo, should not support Rhino 6 single user Edu licenses.
  ZO-77 (Bug)Port ZooAdmin to Eto
  ZO-81 (Bug)Zoo error message not helpful
  ZO-135 (Bug)Registration causes validation error code 10
  ZO-130 (Bug)Stop button doesn't refresh the license list
  ZO-131 (Bug)UI: No Computer or User details show in Zoo console
  ZO-134 (Bug)Zoo: Force recover license doesn't refresh license list
  ZO-138 (Bug)GUID for cluster V5/V6 licenses is confusing
  ZO-144 (Bug)Export option skipping license types
  ZO-145 (Bug)Bongo 2 license is added as "Undefined 2.0 Commercial"
  ZO-146 (Bug)Deleting clustered licenses is mixed up
  ZO-149 (Bug)Latest BOTD Zoo has the Delete button disabled
  ZO-231 (Bug)UI: Entering license keys with 'O' instead of '0' fails to validate
Crashes Fixed: