Zoo 5 Commercial 2014-2-24 (02/24/2014)

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  ZO-68 (Bug)Require .NET 4.5 to install Zoo 6
  ZO-154 (Bug)Zoo not completely uninstalling
No subsystem
  ZO-41 (Feature)Wish: Zoo command line reporting utility
  ZO-58 (Bug)Zoo 6 should remove Zoo 5
  ZO-71 (Bug)Zoo fails to validate Rhino 5 upgrade license for user
  ZO-79 (Task)Convert InstallLicense to use Eto, McNeel.License
  ZO-174 (Bug)Zoo: Version 6 Help menu launches Zoo 5 documentation
  ZO-17 (Bug)ZooAdmin deletes licenses, sometimes
  ZO-18 (Bug)Add support for Bongo 2 keys in Zoo, 5.5 branch
  ZO-20 (Bug)Add support for legacy products supported by Zoo5Client
  ZO-28 (Usability Problem)Add ability to export license information
  ZO-34 (Feature)Bind Zoo to specific IP
  ZO-63 (Bug)Zoo should support Mac Release licenses
  ZO-66 (Bug)Add support for Flamingo 5.0 Beta keys
  ZO-67 (Bug)Add Flamingo 5.0 support InstallLicense.exe
  ZO-56 (Bug)zoo_6.0.15030.16240, Zoo admin can not start Zoo service
  ZO-47 (Bug)Zoo, should not support Rhino 6 single user Edu licenses.
  ZO-70 (Bug)Mac Promo wording incorrect when validating
  ZO-131 (Bug)UI: No Computer or User details show in Zoo console
  ZO-134 (Bug)Zoo: Force recover license doesn't refresh license list
  ZO-140 (Bug)Allow only one Zoo admin running at the same time
  ZO-150 (Bug)Hide unreleased products from customers
  ZO-151 (Bug)IP address dropdown doesn't bind properly
  ZO-152 (Bug)Seems like a "logic" bug
Crashes Fixed: