Rhino WIP WIP 2017-9-19 (09/19/2017)

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  RH-23724 (Bug)Failed when picking 4th point on 1st point
  RH-2244 (Feature)Leader: Allow center mark only with no dimension leader
  RH-8685 (Bug)Text field is missing in the properties
  RH-21986 (Bug)Annotation: Exploding Dimensions with Tolerances, the tolerance portion disappears
  RH-26856 (Bug)Implement CRhinoDisplayPipeline::DrawText() on Windows
  RH-33074 (Bug)Annotation: Reading attached DWG file - Tolerance value overrides not read
  RH-34899 (Bug)Annotation: Replace Scale Controls
  RH-34900 (Bug)Annotation: Remove Make Current button
  RH-37485 (Bug)Annotation: Dialog box clean-up
  RH-38687 (Bug)Annotation: Label revision
  RH-38694 (Bug)Properties: "Edit Style" missing from panel
  RH-38695 (Bug)Annotation: Copying "Objects and Dimensions" not working
Annotation: DimLinear
  RH-33910 (Bug)Annotation: DimLinear: Automatic conversion to RDim
  RH-33911 (Bug)Annotation: Add rich text to Dim command
  RH-33918 (Bug)Annotation DimRotated: Updated with new features and Rich Text support
  RH-33919 (Bug)Annotation: RDimRotated replaces DimRotated
  RH-33920 (Bug)Replace DimRotated with RDimRotated command
  RH-33922 (Bug)Create RDimRotated command in Rhino
  RH-33929 (Bug)Annotation DimAligned: Updated with new features and Rich Text support
  RH-33930 (Bug)Annotation: RDimAligned replaces DimAligned
  RH-33931 (Bug)Replace DimAligned with RDimAligned command
  RH-33933 (Bug)Annotation: Add rich text to DimAligned command
Annotation: DimRadial
  RH-33942 (Bug)Annotation: Replace DimRadius with RDimRadius command
  RH-33943 (Bug)File I/O: automatic conversion to RDimRadius
  RH-33946 (Bug)Annotation: ConvertAnnotation: DimRadius <-> RDimRadius
Annotation: Dot
  RH-31381 (Bug)Dot - Dialog should be labeled "Dot Options"
Annotation: Leader
  RH-32250 (Bug)Make What report correctly for RLeaders
  RH-37462 (Bug)Leader: Exploding leader doesn't preserve locations of parts
  RH-37477 (Bug)Leader: Problem in Layout
  RH-38683 (Bug)Leader: Curve width setting in display modes changes the width of Leader arrows
Annotation: Text
  RH-12913 (Feature)Annotation Text: Make global option to display text front facing
  RH-32249 (Bug)Make What report correctly and completely for RText
  RH-38701 (Bug)Annotation: Text edit multiple undo records
  RH-38708 (Bug)Text: RTF text area SelectionUnderlined incorrectly set to false
  RH-25283 (Bug)Broken surface in closed polysurface with EdgeSofting command
  RH-3967 (Bug)One surface missed
  RH-30496 (Bug)Area fails on shrink
  RH-34920 (Bug)Redraw at the end
  RH-35938 (Bug)ArrayCrv not working right with per object render materials
  RH-1111 (Bug)ArrayPolar: 3D axis
  RH-17855 (Feature)ZOffset option should prompt for by clicking two points
  RH-1955 (Bug)Adjust image intensity
  RH-29730 (Bug)Marker dots on BlendSrf rails display at 0,0,0
  RH-30497 (Feature)Add Edit mode to BlendSrf
  RH-30504 (Feature)BlendSrf- use Simple where possible
  RH-33093 (Bug)Same height option for BlendSrf doesn't update automatically
  RH-12801 (Bug)Difference fails, Intersection OK
  RH-12702 (Bug)Bad object
  RH-1970 (Bug)Union fails
  RH-2159 (Bug)BU Fails- example
  RH-12989 (Bug)BU makes bad object
  RH-13188 (Bug)Bad object creation with tubes
  RH-26835 (Bug)Boolean Union two or 3 boxes fails
  RH-29763 (Bug)BooleanUnion fails on a pair of adjacent extrusions
  RH-21804 (Bug)BoundingBox does not work for sub objects
Build Process
  RH-38697 (Bug)LBPlib shows "untracked content" after compiling
Build Process: Compiler
  RH-38676 (Task)Update nuget/docs builds to VS2017
  RH-38688 (Task)Update commercial build to use vs2017
  RH-29762 (Bug)CPlane World not setting name field
  RH-12831 (Bug)Calc - Symbols too tiny
  RH-31372 (Bug)Draw order applied to extrusions
Context Menu
  RH-25178 (Bug)Macros added to the context menu don't stick
Core bugs
  RH-30498 (Bug)Max memory calculation uses a signed int
  RH-21945 (Bug)Causes stacked control points at intersections
  RH-35952 (Bug)Curve Boolean selection problems
  RH-30495 (Bug)Cycles: Glossiness = yellow & blue
  RH-34914 (Bug)Cycles: Default glass in Raytraced mode is too bright white
  RH-34915 (Bug)Coincident artifacts with Glass if Ground Plane height is automatic
  RH-34917 (Bug)Cycles: Transparent materials don't show a colored shadow in Raytraced mode
  RH-35951 (Bug)Sub-object modeling with edge softening applied locks up or crashes
DPI Aware
  RH-25263 (Bug)Tabs get too large on high DPI
  RH-34908 (Bug)PointStyle.Cross is ugly in 100% UI scale mode.
  RH-34910 (Bug)Percentage osnap, numbers and arrow not DPI aware
Decal Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical, UV
  RH-38699 (Bug)Decals mapped in reverse
  RH-28310 (Bug)Inconsistent decal buttons
  RH-25242 (Bug)Dir command z-axis does not obey color setting
  RH-13184 (Bug)Mesh subobject highlight slow far from origin
  RH-16187 (Usability Problem)Display: Advanced display modes do not print WYSIWYG
  RH-20156 (Bug)Text insertion point not correct for some fonts when using Right justification.
  RH-21812 (Bug)Lines disappear when creating block
  RH-23619 (Bug)Ground plane and environment preview flags in display attributes
  RH-23650 (Bug)ShadeHighlight: Wireframe display mode
  RH-25190 (Bug)Display mode Shade Highlight turns off Edge display
  RH-25226 (Bug)Block: Visibility problem
  RH-26744 (Bug)Point Cloud DynamicDisplay
  RH-26859 (Bug)Design and Implement display caching system
  RH-28332 (Bug)Dot: Dot display faster
  RH-28367 (Bug)Pen mode is missing background texture
  RH-29068 (Bug)Display mode editing: wrong mode is expanded
  RH-30524 (Bug)Display shadows are not cast onto materials that have fresnel reflectivity
  RH-31354 (Bug)Rhino WIP (V6) Italic Arial clipped
  RH-32272 (Bug)Point displayed in wrong place
  RH-34930 (Bug)Display: Technical mode issues in Layout details
  RH-35930 (Bug)Display: Dots do not render correctly
  RH-35940 (Bug)IBL color is not correct in rendered display
  RH-35942 (Bug)Control points disappear when surface is behind them
  RH-38685 (Bug)Display: Artifacts in rendered mode
  RH-38689 (Bug)Background turns red when rotating the view
  RH-38692 (Bug)Display: Block preview not working
  RH-40047 (Bug)Display: No preview in Array
  RH-40087 (Bug)Display: Shaded mode environment map upside down
  RH-40093 (Bug)Display: Clipped block instance does not follow object display mode
  RH-40098 (Bug)Display: Selection highlight
Docking Tabs
  RH-26797 (Bug)Ground Plane panel appears wrongly sized
  RH-26799 (Bug)Wrap Interface for ON_BrepFace::Silhouette
  RH-34898 (Bug)Style Eto Expanders
  RH-28353 (Bug)ExtractWireframe goes to wrong layer
Extrusion Object
  RH-8065 (Bug)Make CurvatureGraph work on extrusions
  RH-20010 (Bug)Extrusions remesh on nudge
File IO
  RH-12829 (Bug)Open:Solidworks - File read error (Datakit bug 10146)
  RH-13177 (Bug)Open:Solidworks - Surfaces are being changed (Datakit bug #3758)(ok in 2014.1.sp1)
  RH-22055 (Bug)Open:PDF: Text wrong
  RH-23566 (Bug)Plines Closed in Rhino - Open in AutoCAD
  RH-25179 (Bug)Crash in FBX import, introduced in V5 SR8.
  RH-29031 (Bug)Unreferenced Images in DWG (Don't) Prevent Rhino From Opening
  RH-29035 (Bug)File IO: PDF import fails to read grouped geometry
  RH-29037 (Bug)Bad SLDASM import
  RH-29752 (Bug)Update to Datakit 2015.1 Service release to read SW-2015 files
  RH-30491 (Bug)Open DWG crash
  RH-31375 (Bug)File IO: Open PDF - text with no text
  RH-35953 (Bug)File IO: STEP file has super large extents
  RH-40040 (Bug)File IO: Saving as V5 improperly sets current layer
  RH-1312 (Bug)FilletEdge: Not finishing- example
  RH-3772 (Bug)does not wrap cleanly- example
  RH-8500 (Bug)Does not clean up
  RH-8679 (Bug)Corner failure
  RH-26824 (Bug)FilletEdge/BlendEdge: Surfaces need shrinking
  RH-26830 (Bug)Floating point exception - potential crash
Geometry Core
  RH-18065 (Bug)ON_PolyCurve::IsPlanar returns false
  RH-287 (Bug)Select point object for point input in getpoint
  RH-20212 (Bug)Numeric input for points doesn't remain planar after viewport focus change.
  RH-37468 (Bug)Accept and deny buttons work no difference
  RH-37469 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Color settings in Col component need tweaks
  RH-38709 (Bug)Can't enter values on Gumball
  RH-19908 (Bug)Help - Update Squish help topic
  RH-20186 (Bug)Help: Decal in Index
  RH-23662 (Bug)Bitmap texture transparent color help/labelling is wrong
  RH-26812 (Bug)A tip for tracing a picture frame image
  RH-28323 (Bug)Help: Command line math
  RH-29025 (Bug)Rhino will show an whtopic.js script error at startup
  RH-29766 (Bug)Correction in extractsubcrv.htm
  RH-31367 (Bug)New command: SystemInfo
  RH-33062 (Usability Problem)Help - Worksession and Import Confusions - Suggestions
  RH-1938 (Bug)New command: Isolate, Unisolate
  RH-35927 (Bug)History replay not working right
  RH-25273 (Bug)OptionsImport needs to reject files made before V6
  RH-29034 (Bug)Insert doesn't work twice
  RH-23673 (Bug)Installer fails because Evaluation is not EVALUATION
  RH-28308 (Bug)ReplaceTextInFile custom action fails when search text isn't found
  RH-37473 (Bug)Incomplete download shows up as "Download error"
  RH-29066 (Bug)Invert and objects with control points on but nothing selected
  RH-785 (Bug)Dialog default No
  RH-2047 (Bug)use chaining
  RH-29731 (Bug)When joining polylines, the result should be a polyline
  RH-29732 (Bug)The join of two polylines should be a polyline
  RH-25210 (Bug)Inconsistent bottom bar layer box sizing
  RH-32245 (Bug)rs.LayerVisible not working right
  RH-33063 (Bug)Abrupt main window edges
  RH-33066 (Bug)Layer state manager - track layers through name changes
Licensing and Validation
  RH-37475 (Bug)Licensing: Validate Your License dialog size incorrect at 200%
  RH-37476 (Bug)Licensing: Validate Your License dialog doesn't mention Rhino
  RH-37489 (Bug)Licensing: Some license info is per user rather than per computer
  RH-37490 (Bug)Licensing: Can't type in Country drop-down
  RH-37493 (Bug)Closing license Welcome dialog quits Rhino without warning
  RH-37497 (Bug)Remove unnecessary references
  RH-37498 (Bug)Difficult to correctly enter license key
  RH-35933 (Bug)ETO Lights dialog color button only works when double-clicked.
  RH-23682 (Bug)typo in Maelstrom.xml
  RH-29754 (Feature)Lock - buckets for the -Lock command
  RH-29755 (Bug)Isolate Lock objects temporarily
  RH-352 (Bug)Make2D: If I close all viewports but Top...
  RH-1214 (Bug)Make 2D Is missing edges.
  RH-1969 (Feature)Make2D: Make works on meshes
  RH-2275 (Bug)Make2D: Hidden lines dashed
  RH-3993 (Bug)Make2D Does not Work on these Surfaces
  RH-4033 (Bug)Command doesn't complete
  RH-8034 (Bug)Make2d visible lines marked as hidden
  RH-13205 (Bug)Make2D - Misses a lot
  RH-25232 (Bug)Make2D: Incorrectly hides lines on stacked boxes
  RH-25278 (Bug)incorrectly classified curve
  RH-30492 (Bug)Make2d crash
  RH-33077 (Bug)Make2D - Deselect input
  RH-33079 (Bug)Make2D progress feedback buglets
  RH-34925 (Bug)Make2D - Screw Thread not working
  RH-30503 (Bug)No history breaking warning until the model is re-opened
  RH-35929 (Bug)MatchSrf: Average option produces incorrect results
  RH-1162 (Bug)transfer user data with mesh command
  RH-2017 (Bug)Mesh command makes bad mesh on object
Mesh: NGons
  RH-25182 (Bug)SubObjectSelection- does not see Ngon edges
  RH-25225 (Bug)Exploding destroys n-gons
  RH-25264 (Bug)ON_Mesh::GetConnectedComponents() does not preserve ngons.
  RH-38702 (Bug)MeshRepair: Dialog glitches
  RH-33083 (Bug)MoveUVN doesn't update surface
  RH-38693 (Bug)MoveUVNOn: German command line options
  RH-31356 (Bug)Named CPlanes cannot be drag-drop copied
  RH-1961 (Bug)Slideshow of named views
  RH-2106 (Bug)Two bad curves
  RH-35945 (Bug)NetworkSrf fails
No subsystem
  RH-12711 (Bug)Users not satisfied with arithmetic on command line
  RH-22016 (Bug)Can't turn off Check New Objects dialog
  RH-23661 (Bug)MethodGen is run during compile
  RH-23665 (Bug)Test Rhino 6 mesh ngon picking
  RH-25209 (Bug)Layers Sublist Gets Reversed
  RH-26742 (Bug)save as dialog element alignment issues
  RH-26837 (Bug)Test of Mentions
  RH-28361 (Bug)Changed RhinoDollyExtents() from using ON_Viewport argument to CRhinoViewport
  RH-29030 (Bug)Gumball extruding mesh edges and faces at the same time
  RH-29052 (Bug)Automatic points on and SelLast
  RH-29053 (Bug)Snap to locked and locking objects with points on
  RH-29064 (Bug)Osnap visibility testing and see through clipping planes
  RH-29073 (Bug)Status bar info pane and Save/Open
  RH-30486 (Bug)GradientView should no longer auto-complete
  RH-30502 (Bug)Render frame recent file list top item is always gray
  RH-33080 (Bug)RhinoScript - Truncated pointer - possible crash
  RH-37472 (Bug)Shaded, Ghosted, Rendered broken in latest WIP
  RH-29060 (Bug)Osnap to visible and locked object display settings
  RH-29723 (Bug)OSnap: HideInDetail and osnap visibility testing
  RH-29724 (Bug)Clipping planes and osnap visibility testing
  RH-29767 (Bug)Add "snap to occluded objects" setting
  RH-37483 (Bug)Osnap: Only show projected flag if the snap is off the CPlane
  RH-1324 (Bug)Offset curve on a surface
  RH-2333 (Bug)Offset Loose option
  RH-37479 (Bug)OffsetMesh: Doesn't remember the last used settings
  RH-23666 (Bug)OffsetSrf: negative input is not accepted
  RH-35941 (Bug)OffsetSrf: Broken in V6 with this surface
  RH-38700 (Bug)OpenNURBS: Errors with writing and reading RDK data.
  RH-19907 (Bug)No buy option
  RH-28341 (Bug)Options> Resize tall behavior wrong when reopened
  RH-2001 (Feature)Orient3Pt: Scale option
  RH-28333 (Bug)In panel tooltips, use the word "Import" instead of "Load"
  RH-29048 (Bug)Pictureframe boundaries can not hide in Wireframe mode
  RH-29749 (Bug)Check Ortho
  RH-30526 (Feature)Picture should use the name of the chosen texture for the material name
  RH-33084 (Bug)Picture: don't show all files
  RH-28307 (Bug)Plugins that ship show up on don't ship list
  RH-3874 (Bug)Undo in control points selection or SelPrev for control points
  RH-7776 (Bug)Loose project not working
  RH-12401 (Bug)Project fails
  RH-3979 (Bug)Camera target distance
  RH-35947 (Bug)Properties Text: Value and unit overlapped in Properties > Text panel
  RH-35950 (Bug)Properties: Dimension property panel Style too small for Style name
  RH-23681 (Bug)Pull: Messy
  RH-26804 (Bug)Pullback creates scalloped 2d curve
  RH-37481 (Bug)QuadrangulateMesh: Accept multiple selection
  RH-34916 (Bug)Ground plane color only updates once
  RH-34922 (Bug)RDK: Sub-object material assignment doesn't update unless reapplied
  RH-38678 (Bug)RDK: TestCustomMeshProvider crashes with Visual Studio 2017
  RH-17917 (Bug)Rebuild: point count and deviation
  RH-23703 (Feature)Progress bar desired for reducemesh
  RH-23706 (Bug)Esc doesn't work with ReduceMesh
  RH-40085 (Crash)ReduceMesh: Crash
  RH-1235 (Bug)Control for pixel size to rendering with wireframes
  RH-3983 (Bug)Texture mapping dialog cannot be replaced by a plug-in
  RH-26788 (Bug)Rhino render does not update material change on Custom Render meshed objects
  RH-28360 (Bug)Isocurve and curve post effects removes shading
  RH-31350 (Bug)ClippingPlane is made visible by Points, Curves.... post effects
  RH-34912 (Bug)Materials can have the same name
Rendering: Materials
  RH-25174 (Bug)Rhino material UI does not allow negative bump amounts.
  RH-26862 (Bug)Texture edit window doesn't resize correctly
  RH-29734 (Bug)Environment blurring is taking up a lot of the preview swatch rendering time.
  RH-31383 (Bug)Drag a material onto the view no longer works
  RH-37470 (Bug)Importing a material using the Properties page content control shows wrong selection
Rendering: Texture Mapping
  RH-3907 (Bug)New option: bitmap texture UI "Mirror alternate tiles
  RH-20182 (Bug)1x1x1 mapping origin when scaled should use the existing mapping widget origin
  RH-20183 (Bug)Gumball orient to object doesn't align to mapping widget origin
  RH-23618 (Bug)Moving a mapping widget for a custom mapping does not result in a change to the mapping.
  RH-3848 (Bug)Rotate3D - Normal option
  RH-31353 (Bug)Rotate, Rotate3D: UseLastAxis and UseLastCenter options
  RH-1026 (Bug)RotateView different from V2
  RH-19968 (Bug)Two extra faces when DrillPointAngle is less than 180
  RH-26836 (Bug)RDK document sun changes - when you get the event, you can't figure out exactly what's changed because you don't get the old sun data.
SDK: GHPython
  RH-40117 (Bug)GhPython compiled components Hints issue
SDK: Python
  RH-16224 (Bug)Python ExplodeBlock differs from VB ExplodeBlock
  RH-19906 (Feature)Drag-Drop script
  RH-21825 (Feature)Fix Up rhinoscriptsyntax
  RH-21826 (Bug)Autocomplete and random module
  RH-22021 (Bug)IsoTrim in two directions (rs.TrimSurface)
  RH-23576 (Bug)ExeVersion, ExeServiceRelease, ExePlatform
  RH-23577 (Bug)IsCircle needs to use document tolerance
  RH-23579 (Bug)SaveLayerState
  RH-26743 (Bug)DocString incomplete in XFormRotation2
  RH-26775 (Feature)Remember last saved directory between Rhino sessions
  RH-31374 (Bug)Missing documentation ExtendCurveLength
  RH-38713 (Bug)SDK Python: rs.OpenFileName() calls deprecated function
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-19935 (Feature)Wish: Rhino.Geometry.Brep.RemoveSlits member
  RH-28328 (Bug)MouseCallback override methods can crash Rhino
  RH-28375 (Bug)Cannot make "not undoable" and "not repeatable commands
  RH-29024 (Feature)Strong Name Assemblies
  RH-29056 (Bug)ObjectTable does not accept the Point class
  RH-29738 (Bug)SurfaceMorph is not thread safe
  RH-31377 (Bug)RhinoCommon RDK deprecated functions have been deleted
  RH-34904 (Bug)Roll Rhino_DotNet Versions
  RH-38714 (Bug)SDK RhinoCommon: Create a central place for Rhino.UI shared settings
SDK: RhinoScript
  RH-30513 (Feature)Wish: Rhino.AddText support mask
  RH-31358 (Bug)RhinoScript's IsBlockEmbedded function returns FALSE for linked and embedded blocks
Safe Frame
  RH-31351 (Bug)Safe Frame options are always in the Properties panel
  RH-902 (Bug)SelFence
  RH-28345 (Bug)SelGroup: Select button does nothing?
  RH-649 (Bug)Dialog of object names
  RH-17945 (Bug)Grouped objects not moving with Ctrl-A selection
  RH-1044 (Bug)Fence Selection
  RH-22022 (Bug)Toggle sub-object select
  RH-29029 (Bug)SelectionFilter and mesh components
  RH-26791 (Bug)Shell creates naked edges
  RH-2188 (Bug)Silhouette: New option InternalEdges
  RH-19 (Bug)Restrict to one or two directions
  RH-878 (Bug)Smooth command should not move end points
  RH-12480 (Bug)Preview for Smooth
  RH-38675 (Bug)Typos in Snapshot
  RH-132 (Bug)Is there a way to dupe a part of a curve...
  RH-33059 (Bug)SubD mesh is black.
Surface-surface intersection
  RH-1901 (Bug)SSX fails
  RH-1902 (Bug)Non-tangent surfaces won't intersect
  RH-7646 (Bug)Intersect missed loop in sphere x plane
  RH-8187 (Bug)Intersection incomplete
  RH-8527 (Bug)Intersection incomplete
  RH-8717 (Bug)Intersect stops short
  RH-13047 (Bug)error message
  RH-29032 (Bug)SSX: fails on trimmed surface
  RH-12986 (Bug)Twist in Sweep1
  RH-28354 (Bug)Sweep1 : Click on the text to change the radio button is broken
  RH-28377 (Usability Problem)Sweep 1 - Needs Better Messages When It Fails to Complete
  RH-40123 (Bug)TextObject: Settings don't apply
  RH-40130 (Bug)TextObject dialog really big
  RH-17909 (Bug)Toolbar: Add HatchScale macro
  RH-17950 (Bug)Toolbar plug-in and expired evals
  RH-25172 (Bug)Toolbars are missing from Rhino on start up
  RH-29072 (Bug)Show and Unlock commands are missing in the Popup toolbar
  RH-33058 (Bug)Tab icons clipped
  RH-3599 (Bug)Can't trim polysurface with surface
  RH-30481 (Bug)TweenCurves, History, and breaking or purging History
  RH-3596 (Bug)Extra wiggly
  RH-28362 (Bug)CageEdit prompts have unnecessary geeky-ness and inconsistent order
UI Cleanup
  RH-29746 (Cosmetics)Document Properties dialog Mesh Page usage clean-up
  RH-29748 (Cosmetics) Document Properties dialog View > Display Mode Options clean-up
  RH-38696 (Bug)UI Cleanup: Custom .NET object property page Icon disappears
  RH-38704 (Bug)UI Cleanup: Convert ETO buttons to Icon toolbar in User Text panels
  RH-29069 (Bug)UntrimBorder: accept preselected objects
  RH-28365 (Bug)Multiple unwrap results in overlapping regions
  RH-33051 (Bug)Viewport Frame Colors wrong
  RH-23725 (Bug)Volume calculation broken on SR7
  RH-23700 (Bug)Weight rounds off input
  RH-21828 (Bug)Weld should average colors
  RH-31362 (Bug)Worksession detach causes crash
Zoo: CloudZoo Client
  RH-40121 (Bug)Zoo CloudZoo: Reword "Are you still using Rhinoceros 6.0" dialog box
Crashes Fixed:
  Other Features (63)