Rhino WIP WIP 2017-11-14 (11/14/2017)

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  RH-2244 (Feature)Leader: Allow center mark only with no dimension leader
  RH-12133 (Bug)Annotation: Use standard text dialog for double-click
  RH-12313 (Bug)Annotation DimAligned: Needs a Baseline or Chain style and a Baseline Spacing setting
  RH-21798 (Bug)Horizontal dimension scaling broken when all points selected
  RH-39813 (Bug)Annotation: Multiline text through scripting
  RH-39849 (Bug)Annotation: Make alt units tolerance values scaled appropriately from length unit values
  RH-41472 (Bug)Annotation: Text editing by double clicking works wrong
Annotation: DimAngular
  RH-38517 (Bug)Annotation: Dimensions incorrectly only consider model space geometry
Annotation: DimLinear
  RH-37303 (Bug)setting DimensionLineExtension doesn't mark the field as overridden
Annotation: Leader
  RH-33874 (Bug)Leader: Updated with new features and Rich Text support
  RH-33876 (Bug)Annotation: Leader - Replace Leader with RLeader command
  RH-33877 (Bug)File I/O: Automatically convert RLeader and Leader
  RH-33886 (Bug)Annotation: RDimArea replaces DimArea
  RH-33896 (Bug)Annotation DimCurveLength: Updated with new features and Rich Text support
  RH-33897 (Bug)Annotation: RDimCurveLength replaces DimCurveLength
Annotation: Text
  RH-25167 (Bug)Text: Crash using OpenType font
  RH-32249 (Bug)Make What report correctly and completely for RText
  RH-33865 (Bug)Annotation: Text - Replace Text with RText features
  RH-33866 (Bug)File I/O: Automatically convert RText and Text
  RH-33867 (Feature)Create RText command in Rhino
  RH-33871 (Bug)What: Support RText objects
  RH-33872 (Bug)SDK - review C++ and C# APIs for RText
  RH-38510 (Bug)rich text font changes aren't applied
  RH-38520 (Bug)Annotation: Make reading Annotation text with UTF-16 signed RTF work on Mac Rhino
  RH-38533 (Bug)Annotation Text: RichTextArea and Italics
  RH-26732 (Bug)Ok... odd behavior
  RH-21787 (Bug)Displacement: UV issues on edges of model
  RH-12330 (Bug)Shut lining does not obey mesh quality settings
Arctic display
  RH-37354 (Bug)Display: Arctic mode - Ground plane altitude doesn't accept negative values
  RH-3967 (Bug)One surface missed
  RH-6984 (Bug)Area fails on surface
  RH-1111 (Bug)ArrayPolar: 3D axis
  RH-17855 (Feature)ZOffset option should prompt for by clicking two points
  RH-1955 (Bug)Adjust image intensity
  RH-28266 (Bug)"Reset" buttons do nothing
  RH-19878 (Bug)Surface-Surface intersection: spiky example
  RH-33022 (Bug)BlendEdge fails
  RH-38538 (Bug)BlendSrf: Don't add all the interior edit point handles to start with
  RH-8375 (Bug)BooleanDifference: Fail on model
  RH-12138 (Bug)Difference fails
  RH-12801 (Bug)Difference fails, Intersection OK
  RH-19811 (Bug)BooleanDifference: SelColor
  RH-12702 (Bug)Bad object
  RH-1970 (Bug)Union fails
  RH-2159 (Bug)BU Fails- example
  RH-8484 (Bug)BooleanUnion: Problem after nudge
  RH-29684 (Bug)Add Bounce to menu
  RH-21804 (Bug)BoundingBox does not work for sub objects
  RH-26714 (Bug)CPlane does not undo
  RH-12831 (Bug)Calc - Symbols too tiny
  RH-28991 (Bug)Moved to Commands plug-in
  RH-26710 (Bug)Polycurves with interior gaps are not handled well
  RH-28992 (Bug)Moved to Commands plug-in
  RH-28995 (Bug)Cone command returns "Unknown command"
Context Menu
  RH-25178 (Bug)Macros added to the context menu don't stick
  RH-29688 (Bug)Move, Copy - no original is drawn
  RH-37346 (Bug)CurvatureAnalysis: Analysis mode persists in blocks
  RH-30453 (Bug)Cycles with WCS/WCS box texture mapping not working
  RH-30454 (Bug)Cycles crashes with transparency map
  RH-30455 (Bug)Cycles does not support "Self illumination" property of materials
  RH-30457 (Bug)Scaling of texture mappings doesn't work always correctly
  RH-37339 (Bug)Cycles: Custom Material not working properly.
  RH-38506 (Bug)Cycles: Full transparency + reflectivity with fresnel not handled correctly in custom shader
  RH-38507 (Bug)Cycles: Reflection doesn't work with diffuse texture
  RH-38508 (Bug)Cycles: Alpha transparency does not work in Cycles
  RH-38512 (Bug)Cycles: Fresnel reflections not working in custom material
  RH-41477 (Bug)Cycle: Shadows aren't working in Raytraced
  RH-28993 (Bug)Moved to Commands Plug-in
DPI Aware
  RH-12284 (Bug)Dialog box looks ugly with large fonts
  RH-25163 (Bug)AutoScale Toolbar Buttons
  RH-32219 (Bug)Axis icon text pixelated when Rhino is in on high-DPI display
  RH-32222 (Bug)Panel Close Button too small on high DPI displays
  RH-32223 (Bug)Panel Gear Button too small on high DPI displays
  RH-32239 (Bug)WebBrowser icon buttons too small in high DPI setting
  RH-33049 (Bug)Dialogs cropped when docked
  RH-28310 (Bug)Inconsistent decal buttons
  RH-33035 (Bug)Decal widget dynamic drawing when manipulating control points is bugged
  RH-33859 (Bug)Decal planar mapping widget doesn't use align to object with the Gumball
  RH-34817 (Bug)Rename "Immersion" to "Revware" in MicroScribe plug-in
  RH-38513 (Bug)Displacement: Default mesh memory limit could use to be higher
  RH-6617 (Bug)Display code enhancement for nested blocks
  RH-12103 (Bug)Poorly fitting mesh, big coordinates
  RH-21768 (Feature)Dots and Print Display
  RH-21812 (Bug)Lines disappear when creating block
  RH-23426 (Bug)Selected objects display slower
  RH-23619 (Bug)Ground plane and environment preview flags in display attributes
  RH-23650 (Bug)ShadeHighlight: Wireframe display mode
  RH-25190 (Bug)Display mode Shade Highlight turns off Edge display
  RH-26744 (Bug)Point Cloud DynamicDisplay
  RH-28263 (Bug)Drawing preview missing in detail on locked layer
  RH-29018 (Bug)Display - Block invisible unless selected
  RH-29705 (Bug)Transform pointclouds - double the action, in the preview
  RH-31320 (Bug)Rhino 6 text display is ragged looking and obviously worse than Rhino 5
  RH-31335 (Bug)Control polygon display inconsistent
  RH-31341 (Bug)Display - internal mesh wires are black
  RH-32224 (Bug)Tiled Printing / ViewCapture Incorrect
  RH-33045 (Bug)CurvatureAnalysis doesn't display colors
  RH-33050 (Bug)Display: Gumball axes messy
  RH-34835 (Bug)Sprites drawn in Foreground in Rendered mode draw in black
  RH-35828 (Bug)Point clouds not displaying properly...
  RH-35851 (Bug)Display: Remove Controls from OpenGL Options Dialog
  RH-37305 (Bug)Display: Shaded display of blocks wrong
  RH-38509 (Bug)Display: Diffuse alpha does not work correctly in rendered display
  RH-38528 (Bug)Display: Text in dots gets partially clipped when it should not be clipped at all.
  RH-38530 (Bug)Display: Text Dots In blocks do not get clipped by clipping planes
  RH-38537 (Bug)Display: Inconsistent on an new display mode
  RH-39793 (Bug)Dragging: Leaves out edges
  RH-39823 (Bug)Display: DraftAngleAnalyisis and surface edges
  RH-41453 (Bug)Display: Shaded mode is busted when sub-object materials are assigned
  RH-41464 (Bug)Display: Sub-object materials aren't updating in the view when changed
  RH-41466 (Bug)Display: Sub-object material assignment is shown in Shaded mode
  RH-41499 (Bug)Display: Snapshot thumbnails aren't showing materials correctly
Display: OpenGL 3.3
  RH-37343 (Bug)Display: Environment reflection needs to work in core profile
  RH-37344 (Bug)The image filter class needs to work in core profile
  RH-38527 (Bug)Dot: Gets exactly one OpenGL error when drawing dots
  RH-34831 (Bug)ShowNameWhenDockedLeftOrRight not showing name
Docking Tabs
  RH-26797 (Bug)Ground Plane panel appears wrongly sized
  RH-33023 (Bug)magnsnap.cur is not used
Drag and Drop
  RH-37312 (Bug)Drag and Drop: Can't drag and drop to objects in Raytraced mode
  RH-29701 (Bug)Numeric Input Boxes
  RH-38524 (Bug)Eto: TextStepper.HasFocus always returns false
  RH-38525 (Bug)TextStepper.PlaceholderText problems
  RH-41649 (Bug)Annotation: RichTextArea.TextChanged doesn't fire when RichTextArea.SelectedText is set
  RH-26682 (Bug)V6 not writing files correctly on "export active as"
  RH-35840 (Bug)Extrude: Follow preview direction
Extrusion Object
  RH-8065 (Bug)Make CurvatureGraph work on extrusions
File IO
  RH-6719 (Bug)Bad VRML crashes Rhino
  RH-12829 (Bug)Open:Solidworks - File read error (Datakit bug 10146)
  RH-28705 (Bug)AI export does not handle non-ASCII characters correctly
  RH-23566 (Bug)Plines Closed in Rhino - Open in AutoCAD
  RH-25179 (Bug)Crash in FBX import, introduced in V5 SR8.
  RH-26683 (Bug)AutoCAD text imported at wrong elevation
  RH-26719 (Bug)Added recovery try to AutoCAD reader
  RH-29031 (Bug)Unreferenced Images in DWG (Don't) Prevent Rhino From Opening
  RH-29711 (Bug)Crash on open
  RH-37325 (Bug)File IO: No text in AI export
  RH-38542 (Bug)File IO: EPS file does not open
  RH-39812 (Bug)File IO: Open:PDF: Text wrong
  RH-41456 (Bug)File IO: SKP export duplicates layer material
  RH-1312 (Bug)FilletEdge: Not finishing- example
  RH-3772 (Bug)does not wrap cleanly- example
  RH-12242 (Bug)Fillet makes bad
  RH-26702 (Bug)FilletEdge: Fails on this model
  RH-30468 (Bug)Fillet comes up short
  RH-287 (Bug)Select point object for point input in getpoint
  RH-30895 (Cosmetics)Replace "happy bunnies" icons with something more professional
  RH-37307 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Text buttons in Panel component
  RH-37308 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Color settings in baking dialog
  RH-37309 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - icons and arrows in Find panel
  RH-37310 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Szie of Navigation panel
  RH-37316 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Icons in Cluster Properties
  RH-38505 (Bug)Grasshopper: Allow switching of input socket for wires by grabbing and dragging
  RH-39834 (Bug)GH1 3D text tag broken.
  RH-12149 (Bug)Group command does not allow named input
  RH-32218 (Bug)Sub-object is deselected after edit with Gumball
  RH-39828 (Bug)Gumball: Snappy gumball 2D scale not working
  RH-19805 (Bug)Gumball Alignment by Object seems inconsistent
  RH-19806 (Bug)Gumball Alignment by CPlane is inconsistent
  RH-19908 (Bug)Help - Update Squish help topic
  RH-28230 (Bug)Help F1 does not connect to topics
  RH-28323 (Bug)Help: Command line math
  RH-29002 (Bug)Corrections for acadschemes.htm
  RH-29025 (Bug)Rhino will show an whtopic.js script error at startup
  RH-1938 (Bug)New command: Isolate, Unisolate
  RH-38511 (Bug)History: Incorrect break warning when deleting
  RH-29034 (Bug)Insert doesn't work twice
  RH-23494 (Bug)V5 in French doesn't work after V6 install
  RH-25131 (Bug)Rhino 6 when compiled PRE_RELEASE should require license or zoo
  RH-25132 (Bug)Installer: Incorrect RUI file
  RH-25133 (Bug)Bootstrapper needs Rhino icon
  RH-28308 (Bug)ReplaceTextInFile custom action fails when search text isn't found
  RH-785 (Bug)Dialog default No
  RH-2047 (Bug)use chaining
  RH-6977 (Bug)Joins with warning
  RH-25210 (Bug)Inconsistent bottom bar layer box sizing
  RH-32245 (Bug)rs.LayerVisible not working right
  RH-33046 (Bug)Opening file turns all layers on
  RH-36527 (Bug)Layout window always appears (even when closed in previous session) when opening files that contain layouts
  RH-352 (Bug)Make2D: If I close all viewports but Top...
  RH-1214 (Bug)Make 2D Is missing edges.
  RH-1969 (Feature)Make2D: Make2D should work on meshes
  RH-2275 (Bug)Make2D: Hidden lines dashed
  RH-3993 (Bug)Make2D Does not Work on these Surfaces
  RH-8034 (Bug)Make2d visible lines marked as hidden
  RH-19795 (Bug)Match in Object Props doesn't close with RMB
  RH-3527 (Bug)MatchSrf: Add zebra preview
  RH-29689 (Bug)MatchSrf - crash with ineligible surface
  RH-1162 (Bug)transfer user data with mesh command
  RH-2017 (Bug)Mesh command makes bad mesh on object
Mesh: NGons
  RH-25182 (Bug)SubObjectSelection- does not see Ngon edges
  RH-28248 (Bug)Moved n-gon vertices can not be undone
  RH-29687 (Bug)TestSubD - crashes on NGonulated mesh
  RH-29023 (Bug)Change MeshTCone to MeshTruncatedCone
  RH-29699 (Bug)NamedPositions: Behavior incorrect with different units
  RH-1961 (Bug)Slideshow of named views
  RH-19833 (Bug)Undo Show Named View Widget does not work correctly
  RH-2106 (Bug)Two bad curves
  RH-31324 (Bug)NetworkSrf- tune up to account for weird input
No subsystem
  RH-12711 (Bug)Users not satisfied with arithmetic on command line
  RH-25152 (Bug)New commands: AddGuide and RemoveGuide
  RH-25161 (Bug)RhRcmShellExt compile in VS2013
  RH-25209 (Bug)Layers Sublist Gets Reversed
  RH-26742 (Bug)save as dialog element alignment issues
  RH-28250 (Bug)Global texture replace command / Texture management console
  RH-29006 (Bug)Provide a way to set toolbar and tab bitmap sizes in the SDK
  RH-29030 (Bug)Gumball extruding mesh edges and faces at the same time
  RH-29713 (Bug)Remove class CRhHackPipeline : public CRhinoDisplayPipeline from Rhino3Text.cpp
  RH-30486 (Bug)GradientView should no longer auto-complete
  RH-34822 (Bug)ON_Brep merge code needs option to preserve region topology and user data attached to it
  RH-37318 (Bug)Rhino's main window gets activated when closing color picker
  RH-29723 (Bug)OSnap: HideInDetail and osnap visibility testing
  RH-29724 (Bug)Clipping planes and osnap visibility testing
  RH-12148 (Bug)Mid object snap disabled by vertex object snap on extrusions
  RH-1324 (Bug)Offset curve on a surface
  RH-2333 (Bug)Offset Loose option
  RH-34820 (Bug)Save ON_BrepRegion and ON_BrepFaceSide user data
  RH-34823 (Bug)Orca3d region topology requests.
  RH-19907 (Bug)No buy option
  RH-2001 (Feature)Orient3Pt: Scale option
  RH-23478 (Bug)Make Field in Plugin Manager "Copy-able"
  RH-28307 (Bug)Plugins that ship show up on don't ship list
  RH-39818 (Bug)Region selection support
  RH-3874 (Bug)Undo in control points selection or SelPrev for control points
  RH-29717 (Bug)Vector Printing Broken
  RH-7776 (Bug)Loose project not working
  RH-12401 (Bug)Project fails
  RH-23423 (Bug)Project: Misses bits
  RH-29707 (Bug)Loose project onto mesh is incorrect
  RH-3979 (Bug)Camera target distance
  RH-29007 (Bug)ViewportProperties - scripted version does not offer all display modes
  RH-35842 (Bug)ViewportProperties shows really large numbers
  RH-37322 (Bug)Automatic UI - make sure a blend material can be implemented.
  RH-39840 (Bug)RDK: RenderMaterial.Icon throws exceptions if it's a Cycles Xml material.
  RH-21771 (Bug)RDK assert reading .3dm file
  RH-17917 (Bug)Rebuild: point count and deviation
  RH-37304 (Bug)Wrong maximum deviation and preview
  RH-29004 (Cosmetics)ReduceMesh dialog box tidy
  RH-31327 (Bug)RelocateGumball -> GumballRelocate
  RH-1235 (Bug)Control for pixel size to rendering with wireframes
  RH-3983 (Bug)Texture mapping dialog cannot be replaced by a plug-in
  RH-17827 (Feature)V6 Rhino Render: Automatic render thread count
  RH-23460 (Bug)Rendering defaults result in a dull initial rendering
  RH-26788 (Bug)Rhino render does not update material change on Custom Render meshed objects
  RH-28249 (Bug)New command: RenderReportMissingImageFiles
  RH-31350 (Bug)ClippingPlane is made visible by Points, Curves.... post effects
  RH-34836 (Bug)No render window
  RH-37349 (Bug)Support for hidden fields in C#
Rendering: Materials
  RH-23504 (Bug)Thumbnail persistent
  RH-25174 (Bug)Rhino material UI does not allow negative bump amounts.
  RH-26703 (Bug)Material thumbnail doesn't update in tree mode
  RH-29013 (Bug)Drag and drop of custom material formats doesn't work like RMTL
  RH-29716 (Bug)Material editor sliders: Esc should cancel typing
  RH-31318 (Bug)Dots texture with alpha blended colors does not work.
Rendering: Realtime SDK
  RH-37321 (Bug)Rendering: Realtime SDK -NotifyEndUpdates - called on multiple threads
Rendering: Texture Mapping
  RH-3907 (Bug)New option: bitmap texture UI "Mirror alternate tiles
  RH-19818 (Bug)Match mapping deselects original object
  RH-19857 (Usability Problem)Texture Widget Handles - Size and Setting
  RH-23618 (Bug)Moving a mapping widget for a custom mapping does not result in a change to the mapping.
  RH-26686 (Feature)Custom mapping: End mapping at the edges
  RH-32213 (Bug)RhinoRender Environment Channel vs Texture Environment Emapping differences
  RH-41452 (Bug)Texture Mapping: UV mapping is wrong in Rendered mode due to Advanced texture preview
  RH-41496 (Bug)Texture Mapping: Incorrect if edge softening is on
  RH-3848 (Bug)Rotate3D - Normal option
  RH-31353 (Bug)Rotate, Rotate3D: UseLastAxis and UseLastCenter options
  RH-1026 (Bug)RotateView different from V2
  RH-19968 (Bug)Two extra faces when DrillPointAngle is less than 180
  RH-21773 (Feature)Makeperiodic command
  RH-31334 (Bug)SoftEditSrf SDK request
SDK: GHPython
  RH-34814 (Bug)NodeInCode (ghpythonlib.components) was rewritten
SDK: Python
  RH-19906 (Feature)Drag-Drop script
  RH-21825 (Feature)Fix Up rhinoscriptsyntax
  RH-21826 (Bug)Autocomplete and random module
  RH-23576 (Bug)ExeVersion, ExeServiceRelease, ExePlatform
  RH-23577 (Bug)IsCircle needs to use document tolerance
  RH-23579 (Bug)SaveLayerState
  RH-26704 (Bug)Rhino IronPython help file contains VBScript examples
  RH-26743 (Bug)DocString incomplete in XFormRotation2
  RH-26775 (Feature)Remember last saved directory between Rhino sessions
  RH-29714 (Bug)Python: no RhinoScriptSyntax for GetInteger
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-19935 (Feature)Wish: Rhino.Geometry.Brep.RemoveSlits member
  RH-21758 (Feature) FilletEdge from Python rhinoscriptsyntax?
  RH-21770 (Bug)RHC_RhinoMakePlanarMeshes() in rh_utilities.cpp needs a tolerance parameter
  RH-21797 (Feature)AddPictureFrame function request
  RH-23421 (Feature)ViewCaptureToFile to support transparency
  RH-23453 (Feature)Intersection.ProjectPointsToBreps override request
  RH-28241 (Bug)Expose ON_BrepEdge::ProxyCurveIsReversed to RhinoCommon
  RH-28259 (Bug)CRhinoOnTransformObject and CRhinoAfterTransformObject wrappers request
  RH-28328 (Bug)MouseCallback override methods can crash Rhino
  RH-29024 (Feature)Strong Name Assemblies
  RH-30446 (Bug)Expose CRhinoViewport::MouseLateralDolly to RhinoCommon
  RH-31343 (Bug).IndexOutOfRangeException in ObjectAttributes.UserDictionary.ReplaceContentsWith
  RH-33019 (Bug)Expose CRhinoApp::SetCommandPromptMessage to RhinoCommon
  RH-34821 (Bug).NET interface to ON_BrepRegion and ON_BrepFaceSide needs custom user data support
  RH-34837 (Bug)RhinoPageView.Close throws NullReferenceException
  RH-35861 (Bug)SDK: RhinoCommon - Add RhinoGetZeroAreaMeshFaces
  RH-35862 (Bug)SDK: RhinoCommon - Add RhinoCullZeroAreaMeshFaces
  RH-35863 (Bug)SDK: RhinoCommon - Add TL_HealMesh (fill small holes)
  RH-35864 (Bug)SDK: RhinoCommon - Add RhinoExtractNonManifoldMeshEdges
  RH-37341 (Bug)NurbsCurve.Points.ControlPolygon and ControlPoint.Location incorrect for weighted points.
  RH-38521 (Bug)Several annotation object functions have no C++ counterpart
  RH-39835 (Bug)Text3D.BoundingBox throws exceptions.
  RH-41488 (Bug)SDK RhinoCommon: Need function to calculate curvature analysis mesh
Safe Frame
  RH-31351 (Bug)Safe Frame options are always in the Properties panel
  RH-31337 (Bug)ScreenCaptureToClipboard no longer captures control polygon
  RH-23430 (Bug)Script Compiler doesn't generate RHI-compatible plug-ins
  RH-19824 (Feature)SelChildren: All
  RH-902 (Bug)SelFence
  RH-649 (Bug)Dialog of object names
  RH-17945 (Bug)Grouped objects not moving with Ctrl-A selection
  RH-29681 (Bug)Selection: Cannot click-select a cylinder from zoomed view
  RH-1044 (Bug)Fence Selection
  RH-29029 (Bug)SelectionFilter and mesh components
  RH-29710 (Bug)Isocurves turn on in display mode but remain unchecked after save
  RH-26791 (Bug)Shell creates naked edges
  RH-28990 (Bug)Moved to Commands plug-in
  RH-30459 (Bug)ShowSelectedInDetail nukes object display mode
  RH-2188 (Bug)Silhouette: New option InternalEdges
  RH-29019 (Bug)RemoveGuide: feedback when there are none
  RH-19 (Bug)Restrict to one or two directions
  RH-878 (Bug)Smooth command should not move end points
  RH-12480 (Bug)Preview for Smooth
  RH-132 (Bug)Is there a way to dupe a part of a curve...
  RH-41489 (Bug)SubD: Fix bugs in persistent subobject select
Surface-surface intersection
  RH-1901 (Bug)SSX fails
  RH-1902 (Bug)Non-tangent surfaces won't intersect
  RH-7646 (Bug)Intersect missed loop in sphere x plane
  RH-8187 (Bug)Intersection incomplete
  RH-12118 (Bug)Intersection won't split but curves from edges will
  RH-29032 (Bug)SSX: fails on trimmed surface
  RH-31340 (Bug)Intersect
  RH-17909 (Bug)Toolbar: Add HatchScale macro
  RH-25172 (Bug)Toolbars are missing from Rhino on start up
  RH-26739 (Bug)Add UndoCPlane and RedoCPlane buttons to Undo toolbar
  RH-28286 (Bug)Toolbar: cannot clear the image
  RH-28994 (Bug)Moved to Toolbars plug-in
  RH-28247 (Bug)Visible edge is not added
  RH-3599 (Bug)Can't trim polysurface with surface
  RH-29000 (Bug)TCone command name change to TruncatedCone
  RH-28997 (Bug)TruncatedPyramid - awkward UI
  RH-38504 (Bug)Canceling download with the x button crashes Rhino
  RH-30481 (Bug)TweenCurves, History, and breaking or purging History
  RH-3479 (Bug)Cage - Add to cage bug
  RH-3596 (Bug)Extra wiggly
  RH-21772 (Bug)Reuse cage
  RH-35854 (Bug)FlowAlongSrf: Is "near an edge" critical when picking surfaces?
  RH-30449 (Bug)UVMapping error
  RH-26733 (Bug)Surfaces won't unroll examples
  RH-41478 (Bug)ViewCaptureToFile: Transparent background option doesn't propagate to ViewCaptureToFile dialog
  RH-41480 (Feature)ViewCapture: Raytraced view capture doesn't create a transparent background when saving as PNG
  RH-41481 (Bug)ViewCaptureToFile: Rendered mode capture as PNG with transparent background isn't working well
  RH-38535 (Bug)Viewport Properties Show too many decimal places
  RH-12358 (Bug)Target adjuster
  RH-21828 (Bug)Weld should average colors
  RH-35824 (Bug)Objects fail to show on viewport
Crashes Fixed:
  Other Features (70)