Rhino WIP WIP 2018-1-12 (01/12/2018)

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  RH-29253 (Bug)Views get thrashed
  RH-2244 (Feature)Leader: Allow center mark only with no dimension leader
  RH-12133 (Bug)Annotation: Use standard text dialog for double-click
  RH-12313 (Bug)Annotation DimAligned: Needs a Baseline or Chain style and a Baseline Spacing setting
  RH-22133 (Bug)Precision not displayed correctly with DimArea
  RH-22154 (Bug)Dimension Style Change Does not Undo
  RH-30648 (Bug)History Dims manually moved do not update
  RH-30664 (Bug)ON_Font Refactor
  RH-37452 (Bug)Annotation: Changing space in layout recenters dimension text
  RH-37453 (Bug)Annotation: Editing Dimension text changes distance from model space to layout space distance
  RH-37456 (Bug)Annotation: DimRecenterText changes dimension measurements from model space distances to layout space distances
  RH-38630 (Bug)Annotation: Model space annotations scale incorrectly
  RH-38641 (Bug)Annotation: Prefix, suffix and undo records
  RH-38652 (Bug)Annotation: Mask Color eyedropper multiple undo records
  RH-39813 (Bug)Annotation: Multiline text through scripting
  RH-39819 (Bug)Annotation: Use Alternate Units produces wrong value if Linear Units is overridden
  RH-42301 (Bug)Annotation: Backslash handling from Python wrong
Annotation: DimAngular
  RH-35962 (Bug)Annotation: DimAngular - ConvertAnnotation incorrectly deletes dimension
Annotation: DimLinear
  RH-35982 (Bug)Selection BoundingBox missing parts of dimension
Annotation: DimOrdinate
  RH-34965 (Bug)Annotation: DimOrdinate mirror problem
  RH-37447 (Bug)Annotation: Layout space Ordinate dims have wrong values
Annotation: Hatch
  RH-34951 (Bug)Hatch: Pattern change and History locking
  RH-34952 (Bug)Hatch and History recording
Annotation: Leader
  RH-37462 (Bug)Leader: Exploding leader doesn't preserve locations of parts
Annotation: Styles
  RH-22153 (Feature)Annotation Dimstyle: Parameter - fractional style and height
  RH-35972 (Bug)Annotation: Styles - Make current annotation style bold in Doc Props
  RH-35973 (Bug)Annotation: Set current annotation style from creation dialogs
  RH-37448 (Bug)Annotation: Document Properties, Annotation Style dialog, add an Apply button
  RH-38643 (Bug)Annotation Styles: Make annotation scaling separately controllable for Model Space and Layout Space.
  RH-39822 (Crash)Annotation: Crash when Setting "Suppress Leading Zero",
  RH-39824 (Bug)Annotation: Dimension -> Dimension Styles menu incorrect
  RH-41032 (Bug)Annotation: Text Gap eclipsing the dimension line
Annotation: Text
  RH-37440 (Bug)Annotation: Change "Rich Text" to "Text" on the text dialog
  RH-41051 (Bug)Text: Behavior of Bold formatting button not right when cursor is in edit box and no text is highlighted
  RH-22254 (Bug)CurvePiping radius change is not in undo stack
  RH-12330 (Bug)Shut lining does not obey mesh quality settings
  RH-3967 (Bug)One surface missed
  RH-6984 (Bug)Area fails on surface
  RH-29257 (Bug)Objects are ungroupd with History
  RH-1111 (Bug)ArrayPolar: 3D axis
  RH-17855 (Feature)ZOffset option should prompt for by clicking two points
  RH-33194 (Bug)Finding the most used command in fuzzy command autocomplete is slow
  RH-1955 (Bug)Adjust image intensity
  RH-19878 (Bug)Surface-Surface intersection: spiky example
  RH-35961 (Bug)BlockEdit: Lock up when bad object created
  RH-8375 (Bug)BooleanDifference: Fail on model
  RH-12138 (Bug)Difference fails
  RH-12801 (Bug)Difference fails, Intersection OK
  RH-24355 (Bug)BooleanDifference: different curve
  RH-38634 (Bug)BooleanDifference: DeleteInput option and attached models
  RH-12702 (Bug)Bad object
  RH-29247 (Bug)Boolean does not work on this surface
  RH-1970 (Bug)Union fails
  RH-2159 (Bug)BU Fails- example
  RH-8484 (Bug)BooleanUnion: Problem after nudge
  RH-35963 (Bug)BoxEdit: Allow any units
  RH-41043 (Bug)Boxedit: Close panel won't reset transformation
  RH-12831 (Bug)Calc - Symbols too tiny
  RH-38663 (Bug)ClippingPlane: Don't work in technical modes
  RH-29912 (Bug)CollapseMeshFaces... prompt has unnecessary period.
  RH-29259 (Bug)Convert to arcs
  RH-41030 (Bug)CopyLinkedBlockDefinition: Block with objects set to "by parent" Problem
  RH-41054 (Crash)CopyLinkedBlockDefinition: Copy Linked Block Crashing Rhino Mac
  RH-29909 (Bug)CurvatureAnalysis edit boxes hard to edit
  RH-35952 (Bug)Curve Boolean selection problems
  RH-30670 (Bug)Cycles has over saturated color and extreme contrast (compared to RR)
  RH-34953 (Bug)Cycles: Custom material for flowing water isn't clear like glass
  RH-34955 (Bug)Cycles: Raytraced mode doesn't show specular highlights
  RH-34959 (Bug)Cycles: Raytraced mode shows wallpaper image with wrong gamma
  RH-34960 (Bug)Display: Raytraced - Ground plane is seen over wallpaper with just skylight enabled
  RH-34966 (Bug)Cycles: Lock icon on viewport HUD in Raytraced mode doesn't work
  RH-35951 (Bug)Sub-object modeling with edge softening applied locks up or crashes
  RH-37458 (Bug)Cycles: Raytraced bump map too strong
  RH-38624 (Bug)Cycles: Set samples from Display
  RH-38636 (Bug)Cycles: Frosted glass converted to custom material doesn't work fully
  RH-38639 (Bug)Cycles: Linear workflow wrong
  RH-38658 (Bug)Cycles: Colors render too light
  RH-41063 (Bug)Cycles: Crashes when switching ViewCapture resolution
  RH-42332 (Bug)Cycles: Setting display to Raytraced crashes Rhino
  RH-42334 (Bug)Cycles: Properties panel doesn't update when Raytraced is running
DPI Aware
  RH-12284 (Bug)Dialog box looks ugly with large fonts
  RH-6617 (Bug)Display code enhancement for nested blocks
  RH-20156 (Bug)Text insertion point not correct for some fonts when using Right justification.
  RH-29911 (Bug)Using "Accelerate 3D Graphics" in VMWare messes up ClippingPlane Display
  RH-31527 (Bug)Black viewports with accelerated hardware disabled
  RH-33185 (Bug)VBO cache changes shading on this model
  RH-34090 (Bug)Multiple UV unwrap displays textures in Rendered mode incorrectly
  RH-34961 (Bug)Display: Viewport performance slows dramatically with wallpaper image enabled
  RH-35984 (Bug)Display: Apply a label to viewport when accelerated hardware is disabled
  RH-38646 (Bug)Display: Shadows are incorrect when displaying nested blocks of objects
  RH-39823 (Bug)Display: DraftAngleAnalyisis and surface edges
  RH-41059 (Bug)Display: Render Display Mode: Blue is the New Red
  RH-42313 (Bug)Display: Can't drag and drop material onto fully transparent object
  RH-42314 (Bug)Display: Wireframe models in perspective view not visible after loading file
  RH-45053 (Bug)Display: Decal widget should not affect ground plane elevation
Display: OpenGL 3.3
  RH-37457 (Bug)Display: Fresnel reflection not working in Core Profile
  RH-39831 (Bug)Display: SSAO glitch when normals don't correspond to actual surface geometry
  RH-34067 (Bug)DivideAlongCreases macro pre- and post- select
  RH-30655 (Bug)Docking more consistently
Docking Tabs
  RH-25677 (Bug)Gear icon not centered in "title bar"
  RH-24403 (Bug)Editing Display Mode causes duplication of pages
  RH-41045 (Bug)Drag: Preserve curve structure when dragging control points
  RH-28709 (Bug)Drape: Does not work in wireframe mode
  RH-33190 (Bug)Update QWhale editor components
  RH-34064 (Bug)EditScript: RhinoScriptEditor doesn't deal with comments correctly
  RH-45040 (Bug)Eto: Fix constraints for Eto panel when hosting native NSView
  RH-28545 (Bug)No way to exit without prompts in macros
  RH-29242 (Bug)Extend: incorporate ExtendCurve
Extrusion Object
  RH-8065 (Bug)Make CurvatureGraph work on extrusions
  RH-20010 (Bug)Extrusions remesh on nudge
File IO
  RH-6719 (Bug)Bad VRML crashes Rhino
  RH-12829 (Bug)Open:Solidworks - File read error (Datakit bug 10146)
  RH-28705 (Bug)AI export does not handle non-ASCII characters correctly
  RH-22130 (Bug)Cord Height in the DXF Scheme
  RH-27358 (Feature)Open DGN: Select model space
  RH-27421 (Bug)Open DWG : Crash
  RH-29940 (Bug)OpenDWG : Crash
  RH-30643 (Bug)Audit3dmFile crashes Rhino on this file
  RH-30649 (Bug)Colors not being saved on the PLY export
  RH-31521 (Bug)OBJ export is paying attention to user's culture when writing numbers
  RH-31529 (Bug)Export Normals and TCs checkboxes are being ignored in Export OBJ.
  RH-34091 (Bug)Make drag n drop import give command line feedback
  RH-34974 (Bug)DAE and blocks
  RH-34975 (Bug)Attempting to save a SketchUp model without setting EarthAnchorPoint results in failure
  RH-35953 (Bug)File IO: STEP file has super large extents
  RH-35985 (Bug)Solidworks import - Doesn't make blocks from parts no matter how the checkbox is set in the import dialog
  RH-39812 (Bug)File IO: Open:PDF: Text wrong
  RH-39814 (Bug)File IO: STEP import color-by-face problem
  RH-41058 (Bug)File IO: After reading a file make sure there is a current layer
  RH-42312 (Bug)File IO: Step file that opens better in V5 than V6
  RH-45063 (Bug)File IO: File Save > Save Small gets error
  RH-45064 (Bug)File IO: Missing "NLS" file?
  RH-25643 (Bug)Fillets happen at the wrong end
  RH-1312 (Bug)FilletEdge: Not finishing- example
  RH-3772 (Bug)does not wrap cleanly- example
  RH-12242 (Bug)Fillet makes bad
  RH-25657 (Feature)Edge fillet/blend/chamfer editing
  RH-27375 (Bug)FilletEdge: Bad objects unless split up
  RH-24353 (Bug)Fin: Direction wrong
  RH-287 (Bug)Select point object for point input in getpoint
  RH-20212 (Bug)Numeric input for points doesn't remain planar after viewport focus change.
  RH-30895 (Cosmetics)Replace "happy bunnies" icons with something more professional
  RH-36851 (Bug)GH - window goes behind
  RH-37449 (Bug)Grasshopper Mesh Parameter crash.
  RH-37468 (Bug)Accept and deny buttons work no difference
  RH-37469 (Bug)Grasshopper: DPI - Color settings in Col component need tweaks
  RH-39829 (Bug)Grasshopper: Split brep in GH can not separate multiple parts
  RH-39834 (Bug)GH1 3D text tag broken.
  RH-45048 (Bug)Grasshopper: Breakpoint on right-mouse button on S input of custom preview
  RH-45050 (Bug)Grasshopper: Custom meshes don't show in Rendered nor in Raytraced
  RH-12149 (Bug)Group command does not allow named input
  RH-25704 (Bug)Wish: RelocateGumball
  RH-27414 (Bug)Gumball: Brep vertices ignored
  RH-28584 (Bug)Gumball only works once for sub-objects
  RH-29236 (Feature)Gumball extrude handles
  RH-34057 (Bug)Gumball: Copy transform mesh sub-object faces
  RH-34059 (Bug)Gumball: Extrude to both sides
  RH-39828 (Bug)Gumball: Snappy gumball 2D scale not working
  RH-19908 (Bug)Help - Update Squish help topic
  RH-20186 (Bug)Help: Decal in Index
  RH-22124 (Bug)UnrollSrfUV undocumented
  RH-22258 (Bug)Help - Export
  RH-25675 (Bug)Help add information about Do Not Ask dialogs
  RH-28557 (Bug)Decal interface rewritten. Help needs complete revision
  RH-30656 (Bug)MeshToNURB help addition
  RH-30678 (Bug)Steps not working in selection_commands.htm
  RH-1938 (Bug)New command: Isolate, Unisolate
  RH-29251 (Bug)history not updating correctly with closed curves
  RH-41038 (Bug)Insert: Remember the layer style
  RH-22177 (Bug)Add import_SolidWorks to installer
  RH-22273 (Bug)Add RPC.rhp to installer
  RH-24401 (Bug)Errors starting Rhino 6
  RH-28543 (Bug)5.10 installer fails to install over 5.9
  RH-29267 (Bug)Update IronPython
  RH-29924 (Bug)Error loading Point Deviation and IGES Export plug-ins
  RH-33180 (Bug)Installer forces restart without asking
  RH-34053 (Bug)Esc and Enter close installer
  RH-34066 (Bug)Required Microsoft Redistributables for SKP, RPC, and Microscribe plug-ins
  RH-34984 (Bug)RhinoScript Type Library needs to be registered as version 6
  RH-35977 (Bug)sm_60 and sm_61 missing from installer for Cycles feature
  RH-37473 (Bug)Incomplete download shows up as "Download error"
  RH-785 (Bug)Dialog default No
  RH-2047 (Bug)use chaining
  RH-6977 (Bug)Joins with warning
  RH-30671 (Usability Problem)Join - better feedback on joining meshes
  RH-25646 (Bug)Model views not coming to foreground when switching from layout
  RH-29941 (Bug)Drag and drop registered material types fails
Licensing and Validation
  RH-37454 (Bug)Licensing: When entering a license key only a single line should be accepted
  RH-37475 (Bug)Licensing: Validate Your License dialog size incorrect at 200%
  RH-25653 (Bug).bmp became .size
  RH-38623 (Bug)Localization broken in spanish
  RH-41062 (Bug)Localization: Untranslated dimension properties in German WIP
  RH-28562 (Bug)Loft shouldn't have a preview button
  RH-29241 (Bug)Loft: Auto preview, remove the button
  RH-352 (Bug)Make2D: If I close all viewports but Top...
  RH-1214 (Bug)Make 2D Is missing edges.
  RH-1969 (Feature)Make2D: Make2D should work on meshes
  RH-2275 (Bug)Make2D: Hidden lines dashed
  RH-3993 (Bug)Make2D Does not Work on these Surfaces
  RH-4033 (Bug)Command doesn't complete
  RH-8034 (Bug)Make2d visible lines marked as hidden
  RH-24307 (Bug)Make2D: Curve is not hidden
  RH-24431 (Feature)Make2D: Add support for block instances
  RH-25640 (Bug)Partially projecting face doesn't show silhouettes.
  RH-25749 (Bug)Make2d not clipping near perspective camera
  RH-29255 (Cosmetics)Make2D: Rename the projection
  RH-29256 (Bug)Make2d: missing segments, simple mesh
  RH-33197 (Bug)Make2D_V6 performs calculation when 'X' in dialog is clicked
  RH-33199 (Bug)Make2D: Add preview to layout style in the dialog
  RH-34052 (Bug)make make2d mahem
  RH-37446 (Bug)Make2D: Extra lines made
  RH-3527 (Bug)MatchSrf: Add zebra preview
  RH-1162 (Bug)transfer user data with mesh command
  RH-2017 (Bug)Mesh command makes bad mesh on object
  RH-33173 (Bug)MeshBox creates open volume when far from the origin
  RH-36707 (Feature)MeshFromPoints not implemented
  RH-44961 (Bug)MeshRepair: Mixed up normals can't be fixed
  RH-29262 (Bug)Named positions : Restore breaks history
  RH-1961 (Bug)Slideshow of named views
  RH-2106 (Bug)Two bad curves
No Subsystem
  RH-42302 (Bug)Scripting: No buttons visible in the ComboListBox
No subsystem
  RH-12711 (Bug)Users not satisfied with arithmetic on command line
  RH-24448 (Bug)Grouped mesh subobject selection fails
  RH-24539 (Bug)Ignore accents in command autocomplete
  RH-25757 (Bug)Rhino user interface should use "Folder" instead of "Directory"
  RH-27309 (Bug)Rhino 5 Trunk incorrect title bar
  RH-27402 (Bug)MethodGen Dies when AutoNativeMethods does not exist
  RH-28544 (Bug)Rhino 6 memory leak in rh_command.cpp CRhinoCommand_Create(...) function.
  RH-28556 (Bug)Recommend NVIDIA driver >= 340.66
  RH-28559 (Bug)Light intensity edit box doesn't accept Enter
  RH-30669 (Bug)Add osnap highlight to mesh object Near, Mid, Int and Perp osnap
  RH-31519 (Bug)Wireframe post effects don't work
  RH-31525 (Bug)Groundplane isn't properly updated on changing Grasshopper geometry
  RH-31535 (Bug)Transforming a detail view object -> no dynamic feedback
  RH-37472 (Bug)Shaded, Ghosted, Rendered broken in latest WIP
  RH-29917 (Feature)How to disable snap objects behind surface under the shaded display mode
  RH-44963 (Bug)Osnap: Make Cen snap to exact arc bezier segments in a nurbs curve
  RH-12148 (Bug)Mid object snap disabled by vertex object snap on extrusions
  RH-35986 (Bug)Osnap: Mid Osnap is much stronger than other Osnaps
  RH-29239 (Bug)PerpFrom: Perp from surfaces
  RH-1324 (Bug)Offset curve on a surface
  RH-2333 (Bug)Offset Loose option
  RH-28567 (Bug)Bug in ON_Write3dmBufferArchive::AllocBuffer
  RH-34087 (Bug)Opening GH file with surface crashes due to incorrect opennurbs version
  RH-19907 (Bug)No buy option
  RH-35974 (Bug)Options: Change OpenGL options page to use read-only edit box
  RH-38647 (Bug)Clicks make display mode tree node highlight darker
  RH-2001 (Feature)Orient3Pt: Scale option
  RH-22233 (Feature)OrientOnCrv- slide the object
  RH-38051 (Task)UI: Support Panels in Mac Rhino and RhinoCommon
  RH-39800 (Bug)C++ panels are not per document
  RH-42330 (Bug)Panels: Macros inconsistent
  RH-27371 (Bug)Update PictureFrame to use standard plane definition tool
  RH-38651 (Bug)Picture: bmp images won't load
  RH-27374 (Bug)PlanarSrf: Very slow with one extra curve
  RH-38666 (Bug)Make .NET plug-in wizards work in VS 2017
  RH-39818 (Bug)Region selection support
  RH-3874 (Bug)Undo in control points selection or SelPrev for control points
  RH-40077 (Bug)Print: Fuzzy vector print
  RH-42311 (Bug)Print: Rendered Display mode Not Working for Vector
  RH-7776 (Bug)Loose project not working
  RH-12401 (Bug)Project fails
  RH-3979 (Bug)Camera target distance
  RH-22251 (Bug)Viewport gamma default should be 2.2 with Linear workflow on
  RH-29901 (Feature)Object Properties > new material assignment should let you pick a type
  RH-29935 (Bug)Dimension style overrides do not stick
  RH-44992 (Bug)Properties: Shutdown Crash in object properties Eto material page
  RH-45061 (Bug)Properties: Material UI does not update
  RH-31544 (Bug)Pull should make a single NURBS, not a polycurve
  RH-29932 (Bug)QuadMesh doesn't produce a result with a simple revolve
  RH-37455 (Feature)RDK: Floating Editor request
  RH-38662 (Bug)Document based custom render meshes do not show up in the display
  RH-39802 (Bug)RDK: Custom panel instantiated on shutdown
  RH-41046 (Bug)RDK:Undo of texture projection change is not visible in Material tab
  RH-45016 (Bug)RDK: ASSERT when opening a model which creates surrogates
  RH-45067 (Bug)RDK: WCS scaled materials (like the library materials) are totally broken
  RH-17917 (Bug)Rebuild: point count and deviation
  RH-1235 (Bug)Control for pixel size to rendering with wireframes
  RH-3983 (Bug)Texture mapping dialog cannot be replaced by a plug-in
  RH-17827 (Feature)V6 Rhino Render: Automatic render thread count
  RH-25771 (Bug)Rhino renderer material previews are incorrect when using textures
  RH-27313 (Bug)Render Document Properties page: Naming tune up
  RH-28570 (Bug)Transparency Frost is too slow to use
  RH-29261 (Usability Problem)Rhino Render: "Edit" button permanently disabled
  RH-29974 (Bug)Rendered Mode Goes Black
  RH-29918 (Bug)Ground plane "auto altitude" setting does not take custom render meshes into account.
  RH-30679 (Bug)Picture Material - Grayscale check not working
  RH-31511 (Bug)Real-time updates with the HDR azimuth dial are not working
  RH-31513 (Bug)Ground plane shadow only gradient and environment not implemented
  RH-31517 (Bug)Skylight section is no longer needed on the sun - skylight is on the rendering panel.
  RH-41073 (Bug)Rendering: Render Window Generates Error and Never Appears
Rendering: Materials
  RH-24544 (Bug)Bump maps are gamma unpacked during simulation when Linear Workflow is on.
  RH-24548 (Bug)Repeatedly clicking the spinner on the bump amount of a basic material causes an assert in debug Rhino
  RH-27376 (Bug)Material list does not stay open
  RH-28547 (Bug)Spelling error in Material Editor
  RH-28552 (Bug)Material Change type is obsolete with the new dropdown.
  RH-28553 (Bug)Rename is not necessary on the Material Editor menu because of the name section.
  RH-29270 (Bug)Image file browse control improvements
  RH-37470 (Bug)Importing a material using the Properties page content control shows wrong selection
  RH-41031 (Bug)Materials: Gold colors need a little tweak IMO
  RH-45029 (Bug)Rendering Materials: Texture settings broken
  RH-45066 (Bug)Materials: Metal bump textures do not work in 6.4
Rendering: Texture Mapping
  RH-3907 (Bug)New option: bitmap texture UI "Mirror alternate tiles
  RH-20182 (Bug)1x1x1 mapping origin when scaled should use the existing mapping widget origin
  RH-20183 (Bug)Gumball orient to object doesn't align to mapping widget origin
  RH-29922 (Bug)Dots flat/arc falloff types no different.
  RH-34958 (Bug)Spherical mapping doesn't match between view and render if rotated
  RH-45068 (Bug)Texture Mapping: Texture settings in materials have a possible mapping channel of "0"
Rhino Installer Engine
  RH-27430 (Bug)RHI: Cannot cancel
  RH-27299 (Bug)Error on startup
  RH-25755 (Bug)Rotate should use the angle parsing code like the Arc command
  RH-3848 (Bug)Rotate3D - Normal option
  RH-1026 (Bug)RotateView different from V2
  RH-19968 (Bug)Two extra faces when DrillPointAngle is less than 180
  RH-12326 (Bug)SDK: Request Untrim
  RH-35970 (Bug)C++ SDK Typo
  RH-38622 (Bug)SDK: Crash iterating light table after worksession detach
SDK: Python
  RH-19906 (Feature)Drag-Drop script
  RH-24461 (Bug)MultiListBox
  RH-27314 (Bug)Python debugging broken in Rhino 6
  RH-27419 (Bug)Python's AddLeader fails with only two points
  RH-30644 (Bug)SDK Python: rs.ExplodeHatch breaks when 'delete' arg is True
  RH-30672 (Bug)rs.ViewRadius not working as expected
  RH-36574 (Bug)Python: rs.GetCursorPos fails
  RH-42303 (Bug)SDK Python: Expose RTree to Python SDK and RhinoCommon: PointCloudClosestPoints and PointCouldKNeighbors
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-19935 (Feature)Wish: Rhino.Geometry.Brep.RemoveSlits member
  RH-24361 (Bug)RhinoGetPolyline() wrapper needed
  RH-27356 (Bug)Exception Thrown on ReplaceObject with Custom Objects
  RH-27362 (Bug)WISH: PointCloud.AppendRange or AddRange for PointCloudItem Array
  RH-29243 (Bug)SDK: RhinoCommon: CRhinoDoc::PickObjects not wrapped
  RH-30674 (Bug)Rhino.Display.DisplayPipeline.DrawDot should take a TextDot object
  RH-34068 (Bug)Custom Brep OnDuplicate/OnTransform
  RH-34976 (Bug)MakePeriodic and control smoothing
  RH-35966 (Bug)Exposes Worksession info to RhinoCommon
  RH-39835 (Bug)Text3D.BoundingBox throws exceptions.
  RH-45034 (Crash)RhinoCore!CRhinoObject::Geometry -- Access Denied
  RH-33191 (Bug)SelBrush not always working
  RH-37459 (Bug)SelAnnotationStyle: (was SelDimStyle) doesn't work with new dimensions, text and leaders
  RH-902 (Bug)SelFence
  RH-649 (Bug)Dialog of object names
  RH-17945 (Bug)Grouped objects not moving with Ctrl-A selection
  RH-22181 (Usability Problem)New Rhino 6 command: SelUnjoinedMeshEdgePt
  RH-28573 (Bug)Select: Window the base curve; extrusion is selected.
  RH-28580 (Bug)IPlane: Feedback when it's not available
  RH-1044 (Bug)Fence Selection
  RH-37461 (Bug)Settings: Custom material setting doesn't persist in display mode
  RH-41072 (Crash)Settings: Crashes Rhino for Mac
  RH-2188 (Bug)Silhouette: New option InternalEdges
  RH-19 (Bug)Restrict to one or two directions
  RH-878 (Bug)Smooth command should not move end points
  RH-12480 (Bug)Preview for Smooth
  RH-38665 (Bug)Snapshot: Restore undoes modeling changes
  RH-32419 (Bug)Split > Isocurve clears flip flag
  RH-132 (Bug)Is there a way to dupe a part of a curve...
Subobject Selection
  RH-27296 (Bug)UI cannot update when a sub-object is selected
  RH-28585 (Bug)Sub-object picking crash
  RH-28586 (Bug)Sub-object (face) is not highlighted when isocurve display is turned off
  RH-45026 (Bug)SunLight: Sun dialog doesn't work correctly with "Manual Control"
Surface-surface intersection
  RH-1901 (Bug)SSX fails
  RH-1902 (Bug)Non-tangent surfaces won't intersect
  RH-7646 (Bug)Intersect missed loop in sphere x plane
  RH-8187 (Bug)Intersection incomplete
  RH-12118 (Bug)Intersection won't split but curves from edges will
  RH-24406 (Bug)Intersect: incomplete
  RH-27363 (Bug)Sweep1: Align with surface broken
  RH-17909 (Bug)Toolbar: Add HatchScale macro
  RH-42328 (Bug)Toolbar: Allow text that is not commands to launch a macro (Mac)
  RH-42336 (Bug)Toolbar: Add MeshFromLines
  RH-3599 (Bug)Can't trim polysurface with surface
  RH-29258 (Bug)TweenCurves fails in latest V5
  RH-3479 (Bug)Cage - Add to cage bug
  RH-3596 (Bug)Extra wiggly
  RH-25705 (Bug)CageEdit: Esc in midstream does not cancel command
UI Cleanup
  RH-29248 (Bug)Appearance: File size in the title bar in MB
  RH-38664 (Bug)UI Cleanup: Add Rhino User Text plugin to Rhino solution
  RH-41065 (Bug)Turntable: Causes UI flickering
  RH-42315 (Bug)UVEditor: Drawing with inverted depth mode
  RH-29245 (Bug)Cannot untrim
  RH-33177 (Bug)Display pipeline should not start tiled rendering for engines that don't need it.
  RH-42335 (Bug)ViewCaptureToFile: Command dialog wrong
  RH-42337 (Bug)ViewCapture: PCX, TGA and TIFF formats don't work with ViewCaptureToFile
  RH-12358 (Bug)Target adjuster
  RH-28581 (Bug)Display glitch when maximizing a viewport with a macro
  RH-32413 (Bug)Rendered viewport doesn't do Stretch to Fit for wallpaper
  RH-25699 (Bug)Weld with n-gons
  RH-25741 (Bug)WeldVertices crashes on N-gons
Crashes Fixed:
  Other Features (70)