Rhino 6 Commercial Release 2018-9-28 (09/28/2018)

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  RH-15433 (Feature)Dimension - Distance constraint
  RH-46097 (Bug)Annotation: AddLinearDimension always uses 'Default' dimstyle instead of 'Current'
Annotation: DimRadial
  RH-47872 (Bug)Annotation: Rhino 5 Radial Dimension Looses Justification in Rhino 6
Annotation: Linetype
  RH-47267 (Bug)Annotation: Linetype grid multi-selection not quite right in Linetype Import
Annotation: Text
  RH-45920 (Bug)Annotation: Text and Text Object commnds - fonts like Arial Narrow and Arial Black worked in V5. They do not appear in V6 UI
  RH-47172 (Bug)Block: Arrow Jump Out Side When Creating Block with Dimensions
Crash Processing System
  RH-28358 (Bug)Crash Processing System: Upload file being read when file import crashes
  RH-47441 (Bug)Crash Processing System: Stack Overflow (C++) exceptions are not handled
  RH-45995 (Bug)Cycles: Texture rotation off
  RH-47778 (Bug)Cycles: TestDeviceEqualityCrash should be a test command
DPI Aware
  RH-47188 (Bug)Tutorials: Icons are overscaled
  RH-46261 (Bug)Decals: GetDecalColorOnPoint() does not allow crossing the zero point
  RH-27254 (Bug)Display: transparency oddities
  RH-47167 (Bug)Display: SetObjectDisplayMode - Technical & Artistic
  RH-47828 (Regression)Display: Dimension Text Not Readable Until Extremely Close Zoom
  RH-46266 (Bug)DocumentProperties: Replace the Hatch page in DocumentProperties with RhinoCommon/Eto
  RH-47813 (Bug)Eto: RichTextArea.SelectedText inconsistencies between platforms
  RH-47815 (Bug)Faro: digitize_Faro.rhp "Preparing for first use" every time Rhino for Windows 6.x WIP starts.
File IO
  RH-47407 (Crash)Open Command: import_STEP!cmp_pd_entity_id -- Access Denied
  RH-35033 (Bug)Fullscreen: Some items left showing
  RH-40449 (Task)One-click Grasshopper 2 build for K
  RH-42586 (Feature)Grasshopper: Support "Legacy" Windows trackpad behavior
  RH-42737 (Enhancement)Grasshopper: Surface Param Does Not Accept Extrusion
  RH-45046 (Enhancement)Rhino 6 GH Geometric elements are not display in shade mode (xray& artic)
  RH-47833 (Bug)Grasshopper: Delete, Escape, Enter, RMB go dead
  RH-47836 (Bug)Grasshopper: Allow generic cast from Rhino.Geometry.BrepFace to GH_Surface and GH_Brep
  RH-47857 (Feature)Grasshopper: Add a method for saving current GH definition
Grasshopper: Components
  RH-46250 (Crash)GH - dot display Crash
  RH-47829 (Bug)Grasshopper Components: Error about Integer component
  RH-42853 (Bug)Problem about installation of multiple languages
  RH-43694 (Bug)Installer: Installed languages are not kept when adding a new one
  RH-44423 (Bug)Installer: Options ignored during deployment
  RH-45377 (Bug)Installer: Remove serial FARO plugin from V6
  RH-46054 (Crash)Layer: RhinoCore!CLayerManagerListCtrl::OnPopupWorksessionSetActiveModel -- Access Denied
Licensing: Cloud Zoo
  RH-45664 (Bug)Rhino Accounts - "Close This Window" button doesn't work
  RH-47241 (Bug)Localization: Clipping in Print Panel (Italian)
  RH-47843 (Bug)Localization: "User Text" in "Rhino Options" dialog should be localized.
  RH-47847 (Bug)Localization: Detail property strings in English
  RH-45527 (Bug)Make2D: Gray out "Register with previous" when "View" or "CPlane" is not selected
  RH-46114 (Bug)Make2D: View=Perspective points are ignored
  RH-42834 (Bug)MeshFromLines: Accommodate duplicates
  RH-38591 (Bug)Redesign NamedThing dialog base class to support an Eto front end.
  RH-42778 (Bug)NamedView: Invalid Geometry using Show named view widget
No Subsystem
  RH-44199 (Bug)Incorrect or no preview with Mirror when very far from the origin - GPU Tessellation is the problem
  RH-47257 (Bug)RDK: Slow performance in Rendered mode when there are many objects
  RH-47405 (Crash)InvalidOperationException: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it.
  RH-47773 (Crash)Undo Command: nvwgf2umx -- (NTSTATUS) 0xc00000fd - A new guard page for the stack cannot be created.
  RH-46208 (Bug)Properties: Missing Edit Style Option
  RH-43183 (Bug)RDK: No proper enviroment selected in UI
  RH-45890 (Bug)RDK: Plug-in author wants to increase 'Max Preview Seconds'
  RH-34198 (Bug)Rendering: ETO BreadCrumb ctrl (Content Editor)
  RH-45746 (Bug)Rendering: Colors are wrong in renderings made with Rhino Render and Brazil
Rendering: Materials
  RH-36142 (Bug)Materials: Select material by typing first letter
  RH-44297 (Bug)Rendering Materials: Selecting a textured library material without an internet connection should prompt the user
Rendering: Texture Mapping
  RH-45653 (Bug)Rendering Texture Mapping: Bump Textures Not Rendering
  RH-47279 (Bug)Rendering Texture Mapping: Edit boxes and widgets don't work properly
  RH-47810 (Bug)Rendered mode: wrong mapping channel used
  RH-28999 (Bug)RevolvedHole: slightly offset
SDK: GHPython
  RH-47783 (Bug)SDK GHPython: Compiling "Surface Type hint" converts it to "Brep" input
SDK: Python
  RH-40344 (Feature)SDK Python: New Python function AddRailRevSrf like VbScript
  RH-41154 (Feature)SDK Python: rs.CompareGeometry wish
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-35975 (Bug)HiddenLineDrawing sample requested
  RH-47459 (Bug)SDK RhinoCommon: Suppress mesh UI displayed by RhinoObject.MeshObjects
  RH-47291 (Bug)Tutorials: Port Tutorials plugin to Eto so it can be used on the Mac too.
  RH-47377 (Bug)Tutorials: Update placeholder icons for Tutorial panel to something appropriate.
  RH-47390 (Bug)Tutorials: JPG cannot open
Crashes Fixed: