Rhino 6 Commercial Release 2019-9-23 (09/23/2019)

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Annotation: Dot
  RH-41373 (Bug)Annotation Dot: Input unpredictable
  RH-30212 (Bug)Arc: Deformable arc wiggly
  RH-29973 (Bug)SDK: ArcBlend not scriptable
  RH-42476 (Bug)Booleans: Should not destroy per-face material assignments
Build Process
  RH-41703 (Task)Report for unmerged feature branches
  RH-42728 (Bug)Check if new commits have been added to the pull request before sending failure/error notification
  RH-43429 (Task)Duplicate Windows Rhino WIP build config
Choose One Object
  RH-42533 (Crash)RhinoCore!CChooseOneListBox::HighlightItem -- Access Denied
  RH-42550 (Bug)Decal: Does not prompt for picking a bitmap
  RH-41131 (Bug)Display: Copies of Technical mode switch to non-technical pipeline and lose technical mode settings
  RH-43413 (Bug)DrawShadedMesh modifies m_bShadeSurface permanently
  RH-43511 (Bug)All per-viewport conduits are unbound after running Print command
Elevator Mode
  RH-42683 (Bug)Elevator mode: Constraint UI change?
  RH-36186 (Bug)Export: Layer Visibility Per Details Not Exporting to DWG/DXF
  RH-36212 (Bug)Export: Text on Some Layouts is Messed Up
File IO
  RH-10123 (Bug)PDF import does not maintain text when using the text option
  RH-25713 (Bug)File IO: Support DWG I/O of per-viewport layer states
  RH-29995 (Bug)SaveAs: Issues saving to V5 from V6
  RH-38905 (Bug)File IO: Multi-sheet PDF Import Wizard
  RH-43518 (Bug)File IO: STEP import/Open broken in V6.1
  RH-43596 (Crash)File IO: Second click on DGN import option button crashes Rhino
  RH-42506 (Bug)FilletEdge: Edit feature does not pay attention to the original rail type
  RH-40126 (Bug)Mesh naked edges are too difficult to merge.
  RH-42487 (Bug)Grasshopper: Popup box operator shortcuts instantiate legacy components
  RH-42636 (Bug)Grasshopper: Escape should cancel slider animations
  RH-42700 (Bug)IncrementalSave: Adds/deletes 0's
Licensing and Validation
  RH-43428 (Bug)Licensing: MR50P licenses can't be added to Zoo 6
  RH-37657 (Bug)Make2D: Detail missing
  RH-42665 (Bug)Make2D: Poor quality
No subsystem
  RH-43447 (Bug)Panels: Flamingo panel does not show up in Rhino 6.1
  RH-42610 (Bug)Osnap: Selection, and color changes - tune up.
  RH-41613 (Enhancement)OneView: Save custom CPlanes
  RH-40814 (Feature)PackageManager: UI for Package Manager
  RH-40815 (Feature)Package Manager for Rhino
  RH-41009 (Feature)PackageManager: Integrate Yak into Rhino with a new Package Manager UI
  RH-41274 (Bug)Print: Vector Printing Not Printing Split or Trimmed Images
  RH-43441 (Bug)Orange and black
  RH-43383 (Bug)Properties: View page button bar does not update page list when renderer is changed.
  RH-42609 (Bug)RDK: Texture evaluators directly access the document
  RH-43552 (Crash)RDK: Crash - Rhino 6.1
  RH-43385 (Bug)Rendering: Built in focal blur page does not hide when the current renderer does not support focal blur
Rendering: Materials
  RH-42526 (Bug)Properties - Material: Duplicate copies wrong material
  RH-43485 (Bug)Materials: Simple texture types show black previews in French Rhino
  RH-43512 (Bug)SDK: Breakage in Rhino 6.x - fix urgently.
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-22907 (Feature)CustomMeshObject - how to use RecordHistory?
  RH-27100 (Bug)Wish: Expose CRhinoAppGeneralSettings.m_bSplitCreasedSurfaces
  RH-28424 (Bug)UserDataList.Exists function request
  RH-28526 (Bug)CommitChanges will revert a custom mesh to normal mesh
  RH-28625 (Bug)Expose CDisplayPipelineAttributes::m_nPointSize in RhinoCommon
  RH-29160 (Bug)Wrap ON_Xform::IsZero() and ON_Xform::Zero
  RH-29296 (Bug)System.IndexOutOfRangeException in custom GetObject
  RH-30105 (Bug)RhinoCommon - Hatch scaling/Annotation Scaling
  RH-30320 (Bug)Problem with RhinoCommon GetSubObjects
  RH-31650 (Feature)Expose CDisplayPipelineAttributes::m_BBoxMode to RhinoCommon
  RH-31655 (Bug)Expose RhinoApp().AppSettings().GeneralSettings().m_bSplitCreasedSurfaces
  RH-33424 (Bug)RhinoCommon: ON_UserDataHolder_MoveUserDataFrom is not thread safe
  RH-34998 (Bug)Wish: RhinoObject.HideInDetail, RhinoObject.ShowInDetail
  RH-41622 (Bug)Rhino3dmIO does not contain access to Lights.
  RH-41704 (Bug)Override ToString() in RhinoObject
  RH-42514 (Bug)RhinoCommon: Wrap RhinoCreateArcBlend for RhinoCommon
  RH-42598 (Bug)SDK: RhinoDoc.Objects.Replace(ObjRef, Hatch?)
SDK: RhinoScript
  RH-42670 (Bug)SDK: Expose CRhinoApp::LicenseUserName() to RhinoScript
  RH-42510 (Bug)SelectionFilter: Disable button on Selection Filter makes text bold
  RH-40630 (Bug)SetUserText: Tab key usability
Surface-surface intersection
  RH-39730 (Bug)Intersection of two cones.
  RH-43585 (Bug)Templates: MM templates have messed up Sun defaults
UI Cleanup
  RH-42573 (Bug)UI: Partially hidden text in Save As V5 model dialog
Crashes Fixed: