Rhino 6 Evaluation Eval 2018-8-28 (08/28/2018)

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  RH-47144 (Bug)Annotation: Alternate unit rounding error
Annotation: Linetype
  RH-47065 (Bug)Annotation: Linetype deletion warning messages improperly formed
  RH-43787 (Bug)Display: Sub-select a curve in a block, all curves in the block are highlighted
  RH-44695 (Bug)Block: Mesh Sphere in Block Shows Wireframe in Shaded or Rendered Modes
  RH-44778 (Bug)Block: Meshes in Block Object Does Not Render
  RH-45806 (Bug)Block: Lock Layer Visibility issue with Linked Block/ Active Layers Setting
  RH-41149 (Bug)Display: Rotation view in Rendered display mode of Rhino 6 is very slowly
  RH-45449 (Bug)Display: V6 Block display is slower than V5
  RH-45913 (Bug)Display: Dots text is clipped
  RH-45934 (Bug)Display: Conduits are not called for SC_DRAWOBJECT for instance sub-objects
  RH-46975 (Bug)Missing letters with some fonts
  RH-40307 (Bug)Eto: Can Panel.MinimumSize take into account DPIScale like Size or ClientSize does?
File IO
  RH-6613 (Bug)File IO: Save IGES, bad ojects
  RH-19712 (Bug)File IO: Open IGES: Trims wrong
  RH-28938 (Bug)File IO: IGES export - edge tolerance huge
  RH-29850 (Bug)File IO: Save IGES
  RH-30487 (Bug)File IO: Save As PDF is always vector
  RH-37173 (Bug)File IO: Ugly IGES
  RH-42212 (Bug)File IO: Critical Point tag locking up import (Import GHS)
  RH-47122 (Bug)Layer: Properties Layer List Not Updating After New Layer
  RH-46391 (Bug)Make2D: HiddenLineDrawing does not calculate point geometry (it did in V5)
No Subsystem
  RH-47027 (Crash)ArgumentException: '-1' is not a valid value for property 'MinHeight'.
  RH-47029 (Crash)BlockManager Command: System_Xaml.dll!MS.Internal.Xaml.Runtime.PartialTrustTolerantRuntime::MS.Internal.Xaml.Runtime.PartialTrustTolerantRuntime.SetValueSystem.Object, System.Xaml.XamlMember, System.Object -- (NTSTATUS) 0xe0434352 - <Unable to get error code text>
  RH-47040 (Crash)Export Command: rdk!CRhRdkDocument::CImpl::InternalWriteDocument -- Access Denied
  RH-47076 (Crash)Render Command: rdk_ui!CRhRdkUiRenderView::Paint -- (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000094 - {EXCEPTION} Integer division by zero.
  RH-47133 (Bug)Rendering: Settings allows 0 x 0 rendering
  RH-20130 (Bug)Print: Image incorrect at higher resolution
  RH-45512 (Bug)Print: Color Source Support in ViewCaptureSettings
  RH-46123 (Bug)Print: no raster printing for custom display modes using Layouts
  RH-46435 (Bug)Print: Rendered mode and RhinoPDF
  RH-46994 (Bug)RDK: Content order in ContentDisplayCollection DS
  RH-46987 (Bug)Expose method to draw a hatch patterns for use in Eto
  RH-47091 (Bug)SDK: Provide function to return OS locale ID
SDK: Python
  RH-30726 (Bug)SDK Python: Rhinoscriptsyntax rs.AddSphere plane input bug
  RH-33507 (Bug)SDK Python: AddAlignedDimension Bug
  RH-44277 (Bug)SDK Python: rs.BoundingBox not quite right when one of the objects isn't a geometry object
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-37028 (Bug)Clipping plane and DisplayPipeline.Draw2dText()
  RH-44507 (Bug)SDK RhinoCommon: TextEntity.GetBoundingBox() returns incorrect BoundingBox
  RH-46268 (Bug)SDK RhinoCommon: Export RhReadHatchPatterns for use in RhinoCommon
  RH-47116 (Bug)Create a RhinoCommon version of CRhinoDisplayPipeline_OGL::DrawStereoFrameBuffer
  RH-45454 (Bug)File IO: SVG output is not scaled correctly.
  RH-45455 (Bug)SVG: Save options box does not remember settings
  RH-47109 (Bug)SelPrev: Not working with command deselectiing
  RH-42734 (Bug)Squish: Result is a mesh in v6 but a surface in v5
  RH-46094 (Bug)Text: Some characters broken in _Text
  RH-46107 (Bug)TextField: Show the function result
  RH-47006 (Bug)ToNURBS - patches missing at corners
  RH-47107 (Bug)Toolbar: Button control rectangle clipped by one pixel when docked on side
  RH-35735 (Bug)UVEditor: Texture not working in VRay
Crashes Fixed: