Rhino 6 Evaluation Eval 2018-5-10 (05/10/2018)

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  RH-44625 (Bug)4View: Restores floater
  RH-44627 (Bug)AddToGroup: Restore V5 behavior for RemoveFromGroup
Annotation: DimLinear
  RH-44726 (Bug)Dimensions on Layout Updating Strangely Again
Annotation: DimOrdinate
  RH-26597 (Bug)Annotation DimOrdinate: Disallow negative numbers
  RH-29465 (Bug)BlockEdit: Hatch in Block Displays at Incorrect Scale in InPlace Edit
  RH-42749 (Bug)BlockEdit: Open Block Edit "If" File is Closed in Block Edit
  RH-45421 (Bug)COLLADA: Special character in name causes DAE export to fail.
  RH-28448 (Bug)Display does not update when remapping ClippingPlane
Core Architecture
  RH-39166 (Bug)Remove compiler warning from const CRhCachedTexture* CRhTextureManager::GetCachedTexture(const wchar_t* filename, bool bFromFile)
  RH-15567 (Bug)Display: Add Clipping Plane settings in the Artistic, Pen and Technical display mode options
  RH-26522 (Bug)Display: New display mode is missing from list
  RH-29306 (Bug)Display: Custom object render mesh doesn't use the files mesh settings as a starting point
  RH-37492 (Bug)Display: Text mask not masking
  RH-38223 (Bug)Display: False color analysis not working in some display modes
  RH-40848 (Bug)Display: SubD object shades darker then it ought to
  RH-43202 (Bug)Display: Use isocurve color does not work
  RH-44601 (Bug)Display: Hidden lines are displaying incorrectly
  RH-44615 (Bug)Display: Crash in environment setup code when trying to rest RH-44075
  RH-44694 (Bug)Display: Recent changes have broken the Rendered mode environment display.
  RH-45226 (Bug)2D text drawing busted
  RH-45249 (Bug)Display: Object display with vertex colors
  RH-45371 (Bug)Display: New display mode is missing from list
  RH-45283 (Bug)Drag: Use single worker thread for brep & extrusion subobject transforms
  RH-19832 (Bug)Drape: Should ignore clipping plane widgets
  RH-26400 (Bug)Drape: fails with vertical objects
  RH-12793 (Bug)EndBulge: Surface display color uses layer color
  RH-44716 (Bug)Non-interpolated textures/bitmaps
File IO
  RH-44743 (Bug)File IO: Unreadable start section when saving model as V5 3dm and loading it.
  RH-44753 (Bug)File IO: Add code to write to trace window when file saving goes wrong.
  RH-44644 (Bug)GetObject: Block subobject prepick not paying attention to m_bEnableBlockSubObjectSelect
  RH-43959 (Bug)Make Grasshopper file saving fail safe.
  RH-43780 (Bug)Help: MeshFromLines Help tune up
Licensing and Validation
  RH-43954 (Bug)Licensing: Change link for Add license
  RH-45186 (Crash)Lights: Right-clicking a column header in Lights panel crashes Rhino
  RH-45187 (Bug)Lights: Names and layers in Lights panel won't update immediately
  RH-45188 (Bug)Lights: Two settings in Lights panel are not functioning
  RH-45222 (Bug)Lights: Context menu items applied to the previously selected light
  RH-13261 (Bug)Menu: Localization string in the menu
No Subsystem
  RH-43988 (Bug)SystemInfo: Machine name isn't on the System Information report
  RH-44712 (Bug)RDK: Debug ASSERT in RDK
No subsystem
  RH-37056 (Bug)CRhUiOptionsListCtrlFileNameEditBox browse button gets corrupted / duplicated
  RH-44631 (Bug)OSnap: Blank snaps
  RH-45151 (Bug)Osnap: Pressing Shift or Control when floating osnap toolbar has focus
  RH-45360 (Crash)Move Command: VCRUNTIME140 -- Access Denied (MERGE)
  RH-44562 (Bug)Tab labels tune up
  RH-44629 (Bug)PluginManager: Some McNeel Plug-ins not loading in 6.4
  RH-43453 (Bug)Print: Text in blocks printing as white
  RH-44742 (Bug)Print: Printing attached model as PDF creates erroneous output.
  RH-44757 (Bug)Print: PDF with hidden lines - too thick
  RH-45200 (Bug)Print: WYSIWYG capturing of Technical views has been broken ...
  RH-45437 (Crash)Print: Crash on Print to pdf
  RH-31851 (Bug)RDK: Open texture file dialog sometimes doesn't register double-click on file
  RH-44719 (Bug)Rendering: Groundplane altitude seems busted again
Rendering: Materials
  RH-45414 (Bug)Material: Scale problems in SR4
Rendering: Texture Mapping
  RH-44748 (Bug)Texture Mapping: Texture settings in materials have a possible mapping channel of "0"
  RH-45259 (Crash)RhinoStart: Rhino 6.4.18092.16031 crashes on startup
  RH-28802 (Bug)SDK: Free-floating contents have no document context
SDK: Python
  RH-42987 (Feature)SDK: Upgrade IronPython to from 2.7.5
SDK: RhinoCommon
  RH-33092 (Bug)RhinoCommon: No way to get user text on a group
  RH-44673 (Bug)RhinoCommon: Use cache handle for point cloud drawing
  RH-45281 (Bug)RhinoCommon: Calling DisplayPipeline.DrawMeshWires from GetPoint.OnDynamicDraw override doesn't draw anything
  RH-3201 (Bug)SelVisible: Only selects few types of object?
  RH-44698 (Enhancement)SetDocumentUserText: Multi Object User Text Copy / Paste to Document Text rename keys
  RH-9916 (Bug)ShortPath: Misses surface
  RH-45350 (Crash)ShowNotifications: Crash clicking on the notifications panel icon
  RH-41629 (Bug)_SubDFromMesh result not visualized in certain display modes but exists in the file
UI Cleanup
  RH-44724 (Bug)UI: Clean up Context Menu filtering on User Text panel
  RH-14877 (Bug)Zebra: Double the analysis
Crashes Fixed: