Brazil 2 Commercial SR3b (09/20/2013)

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New Features

  • Button added for the view dock bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Crash: Creating a tile texture.
  • Crash: Creating occlusion texture.
  • Crash: When a projector is applied to a rectangular light.
  • Environment: Box mapping with a texture caused a lockup. This is fixed.
  • Environment: Images loaded into the basic or GI environment are displayed backwards. This is fixed.
  • Environment: The HDR used in the GI environment displayed properly as a thumbnail if both the input and output projections are set to equirectangular. Changing the output projection to same as input caused the thumbnail to go black.  This is fixed.
  • Glass: Unfinished material parameters have been hooked up.
  • HDR render did not open in HDRshop or Photomatix Pro. This is fixed.
  • Installer: Several installer bugs have been fixed.
  • Materials: Assigning materials to many objects was slow. This has been fixed.
  • View: When viewport is in parallel projection, it looked like the rendering is zoomed out a bit. This is fixed.
  • A Content Browser library drag and drop problem has been fixed.
  • Attenuation preview size did not match with attentuation number boxes in Light properties UI. This is fixed.
  • Duplicate surfaces render with noise. This is fixed.
  • Environment reflections were backwards. This is fixed.
  • File names were not preserved when loading an rmtl file from either the library or directly into the material editor. This is fixed.
  • I didn't make a What's New entry.
  • Image textures did not respect UV tiling. This is fixed.
  • Individual thumbnail images refresh individually when selected. This makes the workflow faster.
  • Light widgets incorrectly appeared in the openGL preview for shaders. This is fixed.
  • Negative value for shadow tint was not possible. This is fixed.
  • Nesting BAM in shaders was no longer working. This is fixed.
  • New icons added.
  • The Basic bump took longer and looked worse then BAM bump.
  • The Luma Server controls for the Render Cache and the Photon Map (check boxes) were not updating those dialogs properly in their "Simple" modes.
  • The VFB did not show the image size info at the bottom until zooming in.
  • The Light Portal dimension parameters could not be changed. This is fixed.
  • UI element for "refraction_on" parameter was missing. This is fixed.

Failure Bugs Fixed

  • (10)
  • Brazil Render (128)
  • Crash (5)
  • Installer-WiX (19)
  • RecordAnimation (1)

Crashes Fixed

  • Crash (73)
  • CrashDump (77)
  • Open (1)
  • Render (7)
  • RunScript (2)
  • VideoDriverCrash (1)