Bongo WIP Work-In-Progress Release 15 (05/26/2023)

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Animation Manager
  BO-3440 (Bug)Animation Manager: Select connections by clicking on them
Bongo Options
  BO-2956 (Bug)Bongo Options: World vs Object rotation
  BO-3443 (Bug)Connections: Remove connection setting when all connections removed from object
  BO-2938 (Bug)Constraints: Constraint to a morphing object isn’t updated in Preview (Play)
  BO-3422 (Enhancement)Connections: Animation should update when a connection keyframe is added
  BO-3411 (Bug)Connections: Precalculation should start after Spring Damping value is changed
  BO-3379 (Bug)Connections: Disable connection when object animation is disabled
  BO-3387 (Enhancement)Connection: Make spring damping more clear in UI
  BO-3350 (Bug)Connections: Connected objects shouldn't display the IK 'Universal' decoration.
  BO-3384 (Crash)Connections: Tricycle model causes crash
  BO-3287 (Enhancement)Connections: Connections should use IK precalc samples number
  BO-3381 (Bug)Connections: Only convert targets to radians for rotations
  BO-3374 (Bug)Connections : Blocks do not show the magenta cyan indicator color when part of a (selected) connection
  BO-3382 (Crash)Connections: Hosing physics info causes crash
  BO-3322 (Bug)Connections: Add the ability to set a target velocity for physics connections
  BO-3307 (Bug)Connections: Remove joint properties on connected object when a connection is deleted
  BO-3303 (Bug)Connections: Disable joint when a connected object is keyframed
  BO-3300 (Enhancement)Connections: Add Enable/Disable Connections options
  BO-3296 (Bug)Connections: Initiate precalculation when an Expression is entered or edited
  BO-3210 (UI Change)Connections : Connections decorations can be clicked to select
  BO-3291 (Bug)Connections: Set connections needs precalculation when objects rotation order changes
  BO-3289 (Feature)Connections: Connections solving enabled/disabled when ik is enabled/disabled
  BO-3142 (Enhancement)Connections: Improved decoration and workflow for the BongoCreateUniversalConnection command
  BO-3242 (UI Change)Connections: Rename universal connection to custom connection
  BO-3055 (Enhancement)Connections: The position and rotation data should be available in the Bongo Object Monitor
  BO-3184 (Bug)Connections: It should be impossible to connect an object to itself
  BO-3088 (Bug)Connections: Interference analysis not working correctly in clamp model
  BO-3007 (Bug)Connections : BongoCreateConnection command workflow needs improvements
  BO-3138 (Bug)Connections: BongoCreateConnection commands World selection fails
  BO-3139 (Bug)Connections: BongoCreateSlot commands isn’t fully 3D
  BO-3078 (Bug)Connections and Physics : Gravity will not give up
  BO-3054 (Bug)Connections: Connected Line object occasionally highlight in triple line thickness
  BO-3073 (Bug)Connections: Undo removes Connections
  BO-3087 (Bug)Connections: Slow to Calculate
  BO-3098 (Enhancement)Connections: Recalculate connections command BongoPrecalculateConnections added
  BO-3001 (Cosmetics)Connections: New icons
  BO-3097 (Bug)Connections: After deleting a connection, Connections doesn't recalculate
  BO-3036 (Feature)Connections: Command BongoConvertIkToConnections converts IK structures to Connections
  BO-3051 (Enhancement)Connections: Only calculate the chains that have been changed
  BO-3089 (Bug)Connections: Instability in model at tick zero
  BO-3041 (Bug)Connections: Old Meshing Problem Resurfaces
  BO-3069 (Bug)Connections: Distortion when altering keyframe data
  BO-3076 (Enhancement)Connections: Add command to convert IK to Connection
  BO-3038 (Enhancement)Connections: Notify user if a connection cannot be solved
  BO-3016 (Bug)Connections: Slot decoration follows object in stead of World
  BO-3033 (Bug)Connections: Transforming bongo pivot requires connections frames to be recalculated
  BO-2850 (Feature)Connections: Collision detection & Interference analysis
  BO-3003 (Bug)Connections: Auto-delete of connections
  BO-3060 (UI Change)Connection: Color of Connection decoration to be included in Bongo Options
  BO-2785 (Feature)Connections: More user friendly IK
Connections Manager
  BO-3143 (Feature)Connections Manager: Improvement needed
  BO-3409 (Bug)Connection Manager: List and data should have their own scrollbars
  BO-3392 (Cosmetics)Connections Manager: Highlight object type image with connections color when selected
  BO-3280 (Bug)Connections Manager: Wish for support of multiple selection
  BO-3345 (Enhancement)Connection Manager: Wish for ability to substitute a connected Object
  BO-3359 (Bug)Connections Manager: Meshes created if there are none when highlighting connection objects
  BO-3318 (Bug)Connection Manager: Shade selected connections objects different colors
  BO-3314 (Bug)Connections Manager: Delete only removes connection if name is not being edited
  BO-3282 (Enhancement)Connections Manager: Draw connection type icon in connections manager list
  BO-3215 (Usability Problem)Connections Manager: Make radio buttons text clickable
  BO-3158 (Bug)Connections Manager: Problems in the UI
  BO-3149 (Bug)ConnectionsManager: Connections Manager doesn't show up in Rhino
  BO-3448 (Crash)Crash: Running BlockManager command with no Blocks and Bongo 3 loaded causes Rhino to crash
Curve Editor
  BO-3240 (Enhancement)Curve Editor: Add check mark in the list of Tweening methods in the keyframe context menu
Dope Sheet
  BO-3416 (Enhancement)Dope sheet: Keyframe markers should be thinner
  BO-3417 (Enhancement)Dope Sheet: Keyframe markers could be shorter
  BO-3118 (UI Change)Dope Sheet: Tick amount should scale
  BO-3244 (Bug)Dope Sheet: The scroll bar is not scrolling to the end
  BO-3203 (Bug)Dope Sheet: Should only shows selected content
  BO-3120 (UI Change)Dope Sheet: Top cell ticks should be colored black
  BO-3200 (Enhancement)Dope Sheet: Make the Dope Sheet a panel
  BO-3119 (UI Change)Dope Sheet: There needs to be numbering for ticks
  BO-3173 (Bug)Dope Sheet: Double clicking on a keyframemarker causes the marker to get stuck at to the cursor
  BO-3174 (Crash)Dope Sheet: Dragging a keyframemarker twice causes a crash
  BO-3175 (Bug)Dope sheet: Object list must be alphabetical
  BO-3002 (Bug)Expressions: Physics displacements accounted for in the WorldX, WorldY and WorldZ
  BO-3062 (Bug)Gumball: Should be able to rotate more than half a revolution
  BO-3035 (Bug)Gumball: Only modified transforms are updated by gumball
  BO-3026 (Bug)Gumball: The Rhino Gumball should be disabled when BongRotate or BongoScale commands are executed
  BO-3028 (Bug)Gumball: Automation of zero-tick-keyframe is needed
  BO-3037 (Bug)Gumball: Disable Bongo gumball when Rhino gumball is enabled
  BO-3020 (Bug)Gumball : Clicking a control, instead of dragging, gives strange steps of displacement
  BO-3428 (Bug)Installation: Toolbar files needs updating
  BO-3040 (Bug)Installer: Bongo version switch should work with Rhino 7
  BO-3226 (Bug)Installer: Error message needs to be updated to say only Rhino 7 support
  BO-3178 (Bug)Installer: Make Bongo 3 install on Rhino 7
  BO-3030 (Bug)Installer: Bongo 2.0 vs 3.0
  BO-3398 (Bug)Interface: Objects Properties UI Sliders shows inaccurate info when multiple objects are selected
  BO-3397 (Bug)Interface: Sliders in Object Properties UI needs a number input
  BO-3401 (Bug)Interface: On the Object Properties Panel remove the Utilities section
  BO-3396 (Bug)Interface: Speed up sliders in Object Properties
  BO-3108 (Cosmetics)Interface: Clean up Document text
  BO-3400 (Bug)Interface: Color change of the Connection keyframe markers
  BO-3415 (Enhancement)Interface: Remove old Object Properties section
  BO-3352 (Bug)Interface: The Evaluation countdown Window should show up
  BO-3403 (Bug)Interface: IK Object Type needs to be blank unless IK is selected
  BO-3232 (UI Change)Interface: Add buttons to open/close the various Bongo Panels
  BO-3399 (Bug)Interface: Multiple selection of physics check boxes shows them as unchecked
  BO-3117 (UI Change)Interface: Remove extra column from dope sheet
  BO-3211 (Bug)Interface: Dope Sheet needs an icon
  BO-3212 (Bug)Interface: Icon for BongoKeyframeTable
  BO-3084 (UI Change)Interface: Time Manager
  BO-3150 (Bug)Interface: Create Ball Joint Connection toolbar has the wrong command
  BO-3165 (UI Change)Toolbars: Add a button to open the Connections manager
  BO-3015 (Bug)Interface: IK constraints in Bongo Object Properties need change: 'object' in stead of 'pivot'
  BO-3156 (Bug)Interface: New Bongo UI Plugin should load automatically after install
  BO-3099 (Enhancement)Interface: Adding a Dope Sheet interface
  BO-3155 (Cosmetics)Interface: World Connection Icon and Time Manager Icon
  BO-3112 (Bug)Interface: If 3D tweening is enabled then the dope sheet should not show X, Y, Z parameters
  BO-3113 (Bug)Interface: Clicking a tick on the dope sheet causes it to disappear
  BO-3115 (Bug)Interface: Objects move in the dope sheet list when keyframes are modified
  BO-3157 (Bug)Interface: Add Commands for Connection Manager and Time Manager
  BO-3147 (Enhancement)Interface: Bongo has too many toolbars
  BO-3104 (Enhancement)Interface: Add Bongo Physics Toolbar
  BO-3114 (Bug)Interface: When a parameter is dragged on the dope sheet, and it's the only one on the keyframe, an empty keyframe is left behind
  BO-3116 (UI Change)Interface: Add a vertical scrollbar to the dope sheet
  BO-2999 (Bug)Interface: Bongo doesn’t update Visibility in the Viewport
  BO-3047 (Enhancement)Interface: Change Hierarchy Decoration from 3D to 2D so model isn't cluttered
  BO-3066 (UI Change)Interface: Specific images needed in the Animation Manager for some objects
  BO-3086 (Enhancement)Interface: Add physics decoration color to Bongo options
  BO-3064 (Cosmetics)Interface: Gumball enable/disable icon
  BO-3072 (Cosmetics)Interface: Disable Physics Icon
  BO-3071 (Enhancement)Interface: Disable Physics Button on Timeline
Keyframe Editor
  BO-3109 (Enhancement)Keyframe Editor: A spreadsheet version for the Keyframe Editor
Keyframe Table
  BO-3452 (Performance Problem)Keyframe Table: Simple Constraint parameter (and Weight) shows up empty
  BO-3456 (Enhancement)Keyframe Table: Narrow columns in keyframe table and right align
  BO-3347 (Bug)Keyframe Table: Scene updates when enabling/disabling parameter in keyframe table
  BO-3248 (Bug)Keyframe Table: Position data is shown twice for 3D tweening disabled objects
  BO-3341 (Bug)Localization: Update strings to have the right version number
  BO-3413 (Enhancement)Morphing: Add support for SubD
  BO-3258 (Enhancement)Morphing: Allow morphing to work with trimmed surfaces
Object Animation
  BO-3006 (Bug)Object Animation: Add a Gumball to make Bongo more interactive
  BO-3329 (Enhancement)Object Animation: Add command to create a point object at the pivot location
  BO-3290 (Bug)Object Animation: Added commands to enable/disable ik, gumball, physics solver
  BO-2777 (Bug)Object Animation: Animation capabilities
  BO-3153 (Bug)Object Animation: Automatic numbering of objects generates inconsistent numbers
  BO-2901 (Bug)Object Animation: BongoAddKeyframe > Precalculated, gives empty keyframe
  BO-2984 (Bug)Physics: Kinematic children should be constrained to parents
  BO-3436 (Bug)Physics: Ensure locked objects are added to the physics simulation
  BO-3371 (Bug)Physics: A copy of a Physics enabled object keeps the Physics meshes of the original object
  BO-3284 (Enhancement)Physics: Visualize physics objects center of gravity
  BO-3356 (Bug)Physics: Draw mesh center of gravity in correct location
  BO-3395 (Bug)Physics: Hose physics meshes when quality is changed
  BO-3391 (Bug)Physics: Mass value isn’t displayed until the box is clicked on
  BO-3389 (Bug)Physics: Spring Stiffness needs scaling according to the unit of the model
  BO-3362 (Crash)Physics: Model crashes when scrubbing the Timeline slider
  BO-2919 (Feature)Physics: Wish for gear linkage simulation
  BO-3252 (Enhancement)Physics: Add option to preview physics shape
  BO-3315 (Bug)Physics: Moving or rotating an object’s pivot should evoke pre-calculation.
  BO-3140 (UI Change)Physics: Make physics steps per second instead of steps per tick
  BO-3265 (Bug)Physics: Drawing physics mesh previews slows down the viewport
  BO-3234 (Bug)Physics: Spring stiffness needs changing
  BO-3106 (Bug)Physics: Sphere doesn't roll down slight incline
  BO-3233 (Bug)Physics: Spring stiffness does not scale in accordance to the model’s units
  BO-3180 (Crash)Physics: Physics Shape altered for multiple objects simultaneously causes crash.
  BO-3129 (Bug)Physics: Tightened tolerance on physics mesh convexity
  BO-3183 (Bug)Physics: Block instances vanish
  BO-3167 (Bug)Physics: A Kinematic enabled Softbody loses its meshes
  BO-3196 (Performance Problem)Physics: Gravity and Force do not scale in accordance to the model’s units
  BO-3166 (Bug)Softbody: Force applied on a softbody has no effect
  BO-3181 (Crash)Physics: A Physics enabled Block causes crash
  BO-3131 (Bug)Physics: Automatically disable Bongo Gumball when executing BongoAddForceKeyframe and BongoAddTorqueKeyframe
  BO-3132 (Cosmetics)Physics: BongoAddForceKeyframe and BongoAddTorqueKeyframe commands needs an update
  BO-3141 (Bug)Physics: Physic setting for Scaling objects perform incorrect.
  BO-3154 (Bug)Physics: Unwanted Physic solving when dragging a keyframe or a Custom Tweening handle
  BO-3136 (Bug)Physics: Problems with Softbody objects
  BO-2974 (Bug)Physics : Solve physics on preview if auto solving is enabled
  BO-3094 (Enhancement)Physics: Automatically enable Physics for some commands
  BO-3093 (Enhancement)Physics: Adding a Physics keyframe needs to be made more easy
  BO-3074 (Bug)Physics : Force and Torque needs scaling
  BO-3083 (Usability Problem)Physics: Torque decoration needs to show the direction of the spin
  BO-3085 (Enhancement)Physics: "Physics Steps Per Tick" value added to Document Properties
  BO-3079 (Bug)Physics: Gravity and Force give different results for different weights
  BO-2872 (Bug)SDK: Add Grasshopper access
  BO-3162 (Bug)SDK: Add OnRenderAnimationWillCancel Event
Time Manager
  BO-3259 (Bug)Time Manager: Correctly calculate number of ticks in time manager
  BO-3220 (Bug)Time Manager: Layout improvement
  BO-3218 (Bug)Time Manager : Number of Frames -option instability
  BO-3217 (Bug)Time Manager: The preview options needs to update simultaneously
  BO-3430 (Bug)Toolbar: Startup layout needs changing
View Animation
  BO-3101 (Bug)View Animation: In Rhino 7 view widgets doesn't show
Crashes Fixed: