Bongo WIP Work-In-Progress Release 8 (05/28/2021)

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  BO-2415 (Bug)Video won't play.
  BO-3033 (Bug)Connections: Transforming bongo pivot requires connections frames to be recalculated
  BO-3036 (Feature)Connections: Command BongoConvertIkToConnections converts IK structures to Connections
  BO-3038 (Enhancement)Connections: Notify user if a connection cannot be solved
  BO-3041 (Bug)Connections: Old Meshing Problem Resurfaces
  BO-3051 (Enhancement)Connections: Only calculate the chains that have been changed
  BO-3054 (Bug)Connections: Connected Line object occasionally highlight in triple line thickness
  BO-3055 (Enhancement)Connections: The position and rotation data should be available in the Bongo Object Monitor
  BO-3060 (UI Change)Connection: Color of Connection decoration to be included in Bongo Options
  BO-3028 (Bug)Gumball: Automation of zero-tick-keyframe is needed
  BO-3035 (Bug)Gumball: Only modified transforms are updated by gumball
  BO-3037 (Bug)Gumball: Disable Bongo gumball when Rhino gumball is enabled
  BO-2524 (Bug)Installer: Evaluation check box on cd-key screen
  BO-3030 (Bug)Installer: Bongo 2.0 vs 3.0
  BO-3040 (Bug)Installer: Bongo version switch should work with Rhino 7
  BO-2397 (Bug)Properties - Sections should be title case
  BO-2407 (Bug)Revise tooltip for Animate button
  BO-2408 (Bug)Timeline context menu capitalization inconsistency
  BO-2409 (Bug)Pivot path markers not readable
  BO-2410 (Bug)Animation button color option does not restore to default
  BO-2528 (Bug)Plugin menu entry for Bongo Help does not open the Bongo Help
  BO-3047 (Enhancement)Interface: Change Hierarchy Decoration from 3D to 2D so model isn't cluttered
  BO-3064 (Cosmetics)Interface: Gumball enable/disable icon
  BO-3066 (UI Change)Interface: Specific images needed in the Animation Manager for some objects
  BO-2405 (Bug)Localization missing: BongoAddKeyFrame > Content > material > RegisteredProperty
  BO-2297 (Bug)BongoRenderFileCollection
  BO-2530 (Cosmetics)Korean installer: "Look in:" needs more space
  BO-2535 (Bug)Bongo 2.0 Japanese: Ease In / Out match check box and string gets cut off
  BO-2536 (Bug)Bongo 2 Japanese: Animation button in Curve Editor shows up in English
No subsystem
  BO-2587 (Bug)Bongo 2.0 installer/application localization
  BO-2588 (Bug)Bongo 2.0 installer/application localization
  BO-2680 (Bug)Help: Animation manager
  BO-2688 (Bug)Topic display problem
  BO-2721 (Bug)Correction for bongo-object-properties
  BO-2702 (Bug)Correction for multiple-constraints-and-weighting
  BO-2704 (Bug)Animations Sets and Remove command
  BO-2709 (Bug)Bongo Expire Needs More Options
Render Animation
  BO-3042 (Bug)Bongo Video Encoder has missing strings
Crashes Fixed:
  CloseViewport (1)
  Drag (4)
  Explode (1)
  Other Features (38)
  Render (2)
  Save (3)
  SaveSmall (1)