Bongo brings professional animation into Rhino, using familiar keyframe tools found in most high-end animation packages.

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Andrew le Bihan, Robert McNeel and Associates
+1 (206) 545-7000

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very intuitive program 5/31/2007 von 'Warren Williams' von Warren Williams
Easy to learn great tools I recomend them highly. if you ever wanted to do animation this is the tool to get. combined with a good rendering tool you have the base for a simple studio, and can start to produce some stuning work that your friends and colleges will marvel at.
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bad at exporter 7/11/2008 von 'Matthew Montgomery' von Matthew Montgomery
even though bongo is great with animation but it lacks the exporting options for video game design bongo will only save the animation with rhino not in 3ds or .x format so dont buy it if you are going to be using the animation for video games! Because thats what i bought it for