Scan&Solve for Rhino

Scan&Solve™ for Rhino is a plugin from Intact Solutions that completely automates basic structural simulation of Rhino solids.   Unlike other analysis tools, no preprocessing (meshing, simplification, healing, translating, etc.) is needed.

 In Rhino, simply:

  • Select the material (standard or custom)
  • Apply the restraints
  • Apply the new load types
    • Select Body at the command line for body loads, OR
    • Select faces to load and specify torque
  • Click Go
  • View the results (strength, weakness, stresses, deformations)
  • Click Report to generate web-ready reports
  • Click Bake to save the deformed shape
Download the free 7-day trial version here.  Please join the growing Scan-and-Solve for Rhino network of users to share examples, experience, and participate in forums.  


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Very easy to use and accurate 12/23/2010 von 'Jordi Bayer' von Jordi Bayer
It is a nice revolution in the world of FEm analysis, without meshing time, you can solve lots of preparation of the model. Great Job! I only miss to be able to calculate assemblies with diferent materials, that I'm sure in the future will be possible!
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Best tools for (not only) style designers 8/30/2010 von 'Matteo' von Matteo
S&S doesn't not require any experience about defeaturing and meshing, so it is a perfect tool for testing a geometric solution during preliminary design. It is a very promising code and its capabilities are expected to grow in the near future.
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experience 8/10/2011 von 'henne' von henne
ein super werkzeug. Ich arbeite für die fahrradbranche und brauche scan&solve oft um teile richtig auszulegen oder probleme aus der praxis besser zu verstehen. Die spätere überprüfung durch prüfmaschinen entspricht bis jetzt immer den analysen von scan&solve
166 von 1436 fanden diese Rezension hilfreich
Very simple 9/1/2010 von 'George' von George
Very easy to use. Great tool if you want to check for strength, stress, etc -- very quickly. Works on Rhino model without conversions.