Geometry Gym BIM Rhino and Grasshopper Plugins

BullAnt provides commands for computational geometry including Geodesic Domes, force density relaxation,, mesh manipulation for structural analysis, tessellation (polygon packing), symmetrical point editing and, spectrum color contouring (layers and objects).

Their is also a suite of plug-ins allows exchange and manipulation of BIM and structural analysis models.  ggRhinoIFC permits exchange with software such as Revit (gg plugin also provided) and Archicad.  Available analysis model formats include OasysGSA, Robot, SAP2000, Sofistik, SpaceGASS and Strand7 (Straus7).  

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Jon Mirtschin, Geometry Gym Limited

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Pioneering Tools for Rhino 3/6/2011 von 'Benjamin Ennemoser' von Benjamin Ennemoser
hi, the Geometry Gym tools are great plug-inns for Rhino software. i use it especially for Grasshopper, and for me as an architecture student it is such a powerfull tool in combination with engeneering software like GSA, to get a qualitativ feedback of static forces... further, great tolls like mesh relaxation give more liberties to use and work with meshes, precisely because in Grasshopper and Rhino meshes are not so common or workable as in other key softwares.... Geometry Gym is a great and essential plug-inn! Thanks Jon!! Best Benjamin