TerrainCAD for Rhino

TerrainCAD for Rhino is a terrain modeling plug-in for Rhinoceros® 3.0 and 4.0. This plug-in gives Rhino the ability to create a terrain mesh from a set of unordered points, lines and polylines. The terrain mesh is created as a Delaunay Triangulation, which is regarded as the best method to create a terrain mesh from unorganized point data. TerrainCAD for Rhino is powered by TerrainLib, a state of the art terrain modeling library developed by SYCODE. TerrainCAD for Rhino is very easy to use. Once installed, it automatically loads itself into Rhino and adds a new submenu called 'TerrainCAD' to the Rhino menu.

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Deelip Menezes, SYCODE
+91 9822689298

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unable to try 2/24/2012 von 'Darren' von Darren
there is a major problem with the trial. After taking the time to install the plug-in, you are promted for a trial key request. If you request one, you will not get a response. You are also directed to their website where you can pay a large amount of money for a very limited trial that lasts only a short number of days. Ridiculous. Make a good product that people will pay the money for a licence, and don't bank on people paying for a 'trial' licence.
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no need to deal 3/29/2012 von 'Anonymous' von Anonymous
so unnecessary trial registration process...i just wanted to try..there are already other terrain plugins around..no need to waste time..
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Registration delays are ridiculous 3/26/2012 von 'Andrew Wolff' von Andrew Wolff
Wasted too much time getting my trail license...even after I paid $19.00 for 7 days.. After paying it still took days to get registered, now it’s too little too late and my deadline is past … in three words 'waist of time'.