Rave is the ultimate Raster to Vector converter available for Rhinoceros. The aim of the software is simple: create a vector file from a raster image, which can be a photo, a sketch, a logo or everything you can take a picture of. Rave can import a pre-digitalized image from a file, but is also able to import from the Windows Clipboard or even from a scanner. Rave's potentials are endless, but what the most important one is that it will do for you all that boring tracing tasks which always takes you lot of time: you'll get a project traced down in no time and better than ever

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Luigi Fanin, CIMsystem s.r.l.

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Luigi at CIM Systems delivers! 3/13/2011 von 'scott' von scott
DentalShaper Add-on is a wonderful tool for the modern CAD/CAM Dental Lab. I am a happy customer! Scott from DMC