Rhino Compute ™


An accessible geometry calculator

Access Rhino and Grasshopper through a stateless REST API on Windows Servers. Cloud computing featuring software . Use Compute to enhance any online solution you are developing to create and manipulate two and three-dimensional curves, surfaces, and solids. Install and customize Compute to run on any cloud services framework.

Compute can be used to:

  • Calculate Grasshopper definitions online in a serial or parallel solutions.
  • Manipulate Rhino (3DM) and other file types anywhere on the net.
  • Call to over 2400+ geometric operations on custom objects from within existing processes online. Including points, curves, surfaces, meshes and solids.

Compute Features

  • Do geometry calculations through a cloud based stateless REST API.
  • Access 2400+ RhinoCommon API calls from outside Rhino.
  • Access to additional RhinoCommon functions not available in OpenNurbs, including:
    • Closest point calculations
    • Intersection calculations
    • Surface tessellation (meshing)
    • Interpolation
    • Booleans
    • Area and mass property calculations
    • Other miscellaneous geometry calculations
  • Extendable REST method calls through a common declaration.
  • Access existing Rhino/Grasshopper plugins through the online interface.
  • Serialize operations in one request through grasshopper or python scripts.
    • Client side libraries available for use with standalone C#(.NET), Python and JavaScript.

Getting Started:

  1. Learn how to get access to compute setup:
    1. Compute for C# Getting Started Guide.
    2. Compute for Python Getting Started Guide
    3. Compute for JavaScript Getting Started Guide
  2. Visit the Compute Discussion Forum for help, requests, discussions and ideas.
  3. Download the Compute Samples repo from GitHub.

Licensing Option

The cost for a license of the Compute product is licensed through core-hour billing. For details on this new licensing process see the Compute Licensing Guide. For testing, prototyping and debuging Compute locally at no cost, see the Getting Started Guides for access to a development setup of Compute

Open Source Contribution

Compute is based on the Rhino Inside™ technology to embed Rhino advanced geometry calculation in many different processes. Compute is an open source project.

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