Pricing - Rhino 7 on Servers

We’re still working on the details of how licensing will work for server-based instances of Rhino. Here’s our current strategy:

Core-Hour Billing

Soon, you’ll be able to:

  1. Enable Core-Hour billing on a Cloud Zoo team
  2. Add a credit card to your Rhino account.
  3. Add a service account to the team.
  4. Log into Rhino using the service account.

When Rhino is logged in to a service account and is running on a Windows Server-based operating system, you will be billed $0.10 per core per hour that Rhino is running (pro-rated per minute).

Example 1: Rhino running on a 32-core server for one hour:

  • 32-cores * 1 hour * $0.10/core-hour = $3.20

Example 2: Rhino running on 200 4-core servers for 6 minutes:

  • 200 computers * 4 cores * 0.1 hour * $0.10/core-hour = $8.00

Billing is based on uptime, not on usage - we don’t track the activity of each core, just that you have one running with Rhino. You can scale your workloads up and down to optimize performance and cost to you.

Multiple instances are allowed - you may run as many instances of Rhino on the same machine as you want, and the cost will be the same as running one instance.

Single-Computer licensing Not Supported

When running on Windows Server, it is not possible to enter a license key to run as a single-computer license, as Rhino requires a license per core.