User comments

Here are a few unsolicited user comments about Rhino.

"For a VW engine visualization we fortunately used Rhino to convert 800 IGES parts into perfectly optimized high-quality models for SOFTIMAGE. No other converter software was able to do that with the same speed, control and precision. No idea what we had done without Rhino to fullfill the quality proof of the VW engenieers."
Michael Klein, creative director . animation supervisor
M O T I O N GmbH, Duesseldorf, Germany

"As an aircraft designer, I find that RHINO offers ease, versatility and speed to generate complex surfaces with precision accuracy needed for aerodynamic considerations. An excellent product, steadily improving, with matched support system. I have been using it since it came into the market without any reason to find a substitute, if there is any."
Dr. A. K. Kundu, Belfast, UK

"I have been a boatbuilder, loftsman, ship builder, ship designer and Cad Engineering manager for 34 years. I have yet to find a shipyard/boatyard detail design task that I could not accomplish simply and effectively with Rhino. Simply put, it is an incredible tool. Keep up the good work."
James McConnell, Manager, Engineering and Planning
Pictou Industries

"With Rhino, things fit! We use Rhino because we produce higher quality more accurate vessels with less construction problems."
Ed Monk

"Integrating 3-D design throughout the project, from the initial proposal to the final details, benefits the entire project team."
Paul Fuchs

"With Rhino our design studio has been able to realize yacht design compositions that are very complex and solve many of the detailed surface intersections before they become an issue on the shop floor."
Frank Wohl
JQB International Yacht Design

"Rhino's combination of reliability, its ability to handle complex organic shapes and its flawless translation to and from the other software tools I and my clients use, are completely unique in the marine software market."
Eric E. Jolley
Eric Jolley Marine Design

"It is absolutely the easiest-to-use 3-D modeling program I have found."
Joe Petrich
Delta Marine

"I have learned 90% of what I know about modeling with Rhino and have decided after years of doubt that I am going to do animation for a living. Yours is the best 3-D modeling program I have ever used and as a development team you have also been the model of your craft. I will continue to support the use of Rhino and have already taught my first batch of people the basics in 3-D modeling using Rhino."
Erik Mullinix
Sacramento, California

"Rhino is extremely versatile and easy to use. The features are incredible. One of the things I really like is being able to produce 3-D rendered animations. You have an excellent product; keep up the good work."
Ian Little
LostWeb Enterprises
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

"I have put in about 100 hours on Rhino versions, mainly designing skates and skate equipment. I think you're 'on a winner.' That's Australian for having your money on the right horse. Keep up the great work."
Annie Boyd
Diabolo Design Australia
Sydney, Australia

"What struck me at first with Rhino was that, once I got through the first chapters in your excellent tutorial, most of the work flow more or less became native to me. I learned about 65% of the tools after a few hours every evening for a week, and quickly started to model my own objects. Now modeling is a dream with NURBS and not a pain as it used to be."
Anders Lundholm
The Alien Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark

"Rhino is very intuitive. Even someone with no 3-D experience can get results in a matter of an hour. Most programs take longer than that to figure out the commands."
Tex Green
Graphic Designer
Highland Park, New Jersey

"I recently downloaded your Rhino because I was looking for a 3-D rendering package as an aid to teach my son (age 7) to better visualize objects in 3-dimensional space. He absolutely went nuts over it. He was able to navigate through your user interface really easily without any help. The day after I downloaded it for him, he was showing me how to do things!"
Bruce Ferguson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"As a mechanical designer, I am very impressed with Rhino. The surface and Boolean commands work quickly and correctly even on a 75 MHz Pentium with 16 MB RAM, and the user interfaces are excellent. I was able to do the headphone tutorial in about 20 minutes with no previous NURBS experience. I look forward to using Rhino for a long time."
Jacob B. Spiegel
Jesup, Iowa

"I am a plastic mold designer and do a lot of NC programming. I was working with imported wire frames from our Unigraphics solid modeling software which is splines and NURB curves. I was having a hard time creating the correct surfaces. Then I installed Rhino and within one hour I had created all 71 surfaces needed for the Mastercam file, exported back to Mastercam and in another 20 minutes the cut paths were complete. Whoever wrote this package has done a fantastic job."
Ken Kell, Sr. Mold Designer
Oreck Tooling Services
Longbeach, Mississippi

"Rhino support is 10 times better than anything else I have seen. I am truly impressed by the entire group."
Jon Coign
University of Alabama
Huntsville, Alabama

"I have used many surface and solid modelers and yours is definitely the most accessible and has the right level of commands that allow you to create the surfaces that you want. Not only that but it returns useful information about surfaces, and gives you the ability to edit surfaces at a low level. Superb."
Matt Wright
Bournemouth University
Horsham, West Sussex, England

"I used Rhino for some serious work -- 3 decimal places of accuracy on a model from my own measurements -- and I'm very impressed. I expected to spend a long time looking for the commands I would need and I was wrong. Any functions I needed I could figure out with minimal references to the Help menu. Excellent!"
David Cairns
Tech-Art City
Lake St. Louis, Missouri

"After a few years of mostly drafting and a little modeling in AutoCAD, Rhino is quite refreshing. The interface is a great combination of features I'm already familiar with in AutoCAD and MAX."
Michael O'Meara
Dept. of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, Rhode Island

"I just wanted to compliment you on your responsiveness. The Rhino team is a shining example of developers who listen and respond. Asking for a feature and having it implemented within weeks for everyone to try it out is something that all other software companies should pause and think about. Congratulations!"
Nik Belajcic
Reality Graphics
Sydney, Australia

"Every day I learn some new feature about Rhino. It keeps reinforcing how brilliant your team is. Wow!"
Richard Lin
E.S.P. Video & Graphics
Los Angeles, California

"I just finished my first two Rhino tutorials and I'm just overwhelmed by the quality and features of the program. I used to work on Alias Power Animator before I switched jobs and Rhino comes very close in the modeling department. It's a perfect companion to 3dsMax2."
Rune Spaans
Innerloop Studios
Oslo, Norway

"I'm working with another Industrial Design student and 18 Aerospace Engineering students to design a plane for our fourth year major project. At our second meeting I showed them some general concepts in Rhino (things like the number of engines and where the wings go) and they were quite impressed. Rhino's power and ease of use are sure helping us quickly stake out territory and earn the respect of the Engineers -- so that we wind up doing more than the paint scheme!"
James Carruthers
Carleton University School of Industrial Design
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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