V-Ray for Rhino

A Rendering Plug-in for Designers
Rhino users in all fields - from engineering and product design to 3D animation - depend on V-Ray as a quick, easy and cost efficient way to render their most cutting-edge images. Developed by the Chaos Group, V-Ray for Rhino works with Robert McNeel & Associates' Rhinoceros, one of the most popular Windows-based NURBS modeling tools available today. Some key features of V-Ray for Rhino include:

  • V-RayRT® - a revolutionary new rendering engine that provides instant feedback and streamlines scene setup. Because V-RayRT® is built upon the same robust core as V-Ray®, it is seamless to transition between the two.
  • Dome Light -provides a simple, artifact-free solution for creating image based lighting. Its powerful importance sampling analyzes HDR images to optimize light tracing and GI precision.
  • V-Ray Proxy - indispensable tool for managing scene memory and efficiently rendering massive amounts of geometry. V-Ray Proxy objects are dynamically loaded and unloaded at render time, saving vital RAM resources.
  • Lens Effects (Glare / Bloom ) - simulate the natural lens effects that occur when photographing highlights.
  • Dispersion - provides the ability to trace and refract light based on its wavelength, creating even more realistic results.
  • Retrace Threshold - reduces Light Cache artifacts and improves the appearance of glossy reflections and refractions when using the time-saving feature - Use light cache for glossy rays.
  • Ambient Occlusion - generates shading based on an object’s proximity, making it an effective solution for enhancing GI details without significantly increasing render time.
  • VRayDirt - simulates shading around corners and crevices of objects based on a radial distance. VRayDirt can be used to produce a variety of effects, including ambient occlusion renderings.
  • Interpolation (Reflections and Refractions) - accelerates rendering by approximating and caching the effects of glossy reflections and refractions.
  • IES Light -uses photometric data to provide accurate light definition.
  • Sphere Light- adds a spherical area light to the V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino toolset.
  • Additional Parameters such as roughness for diffuse BRDFs, along with exit color and max. depth for reflections and refractions, provide new levels of control when creating materials in V-Ray for Rhino.
  • Distributed Rendering Over Up To 10 Machines
  • Animation Support
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    Petko Marinski, Chaos Group
    +359 2 422 422 1

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    Under ChaosGroup 5/21/2012 by 'Rick' from Rick
    Tried the 1.0 demo under AGVIS and fell in love - it was better than great. Bought the 1.5 version after ChaosGroup took ownership. Beware an 11 page install guide with dongle you have to program. Took many days to get it running. Support coming from Bulgaria was polite but mostly unhelpful. Disappointed and found the whole situation absurd for a single license user.
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    V-Ray for Archviz 1/17/2012 by 'Matus' from Matus
    Archviz in Rhino was never so easy! V-Ray is able to handle whole forest areas using proxy technology, which is missing in all other render engines. Also feature of Realtime preview is very handy, when searching for correct lighting scheme in the scene. Previews in V-Ray are generated very easily and fast even with heavy geometry, so our clients have very good and fast response on their comments and changes in visualizations. I recommend V-Ray to all, who wants to get best possible images as fast as possible.
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    VRay a must for Rhino 4 5/23/2007 by 'Mike Spence' from Mike Spence
    I have now fully moved over from Flamingo and Penguin to using VRay. The results, and the speed, have been stunning. The range of materials initially seems a bit limited, but you can create your own from scratch. It took me 1 day to get to reasonable grips with this renderer, and the effects I can now create are vivid and much more accurate than I could ever get with Flamingo. I would just like to find more materials libraries for Rhino 4/Vray, similar to those who use 3DS and VRay.
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    review 10/15/2007 by 'fred Bloggs' from fred Bloggs
    What I consider to be: absolutely stunning results. Can be a one button renderer w/ VISOPTS (SEE: downloads - very fast) (not as complicated /nor the potential of Brazil), but to make it sing you are going to have to know what you are doing. Support cares, but the RDK6 breakdown is a bit of a fiasco.
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    Vray rules 9/19/2006
    es lo maximo. simplemente mejor que maxwell y flamingo y ademas mucho mas facil
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    Nice renderer 9/13/2007 by 'Jason' from Jason
    The Good: Great results really easily for basic materials + lighting. Much faster than Flamingo. Nice shadows. The Bad: Very complicated user interface. For me, I would like to have advanced drop-downs so that someone could dig deeper into the engine as they need to. You really have to read the manual, or have a lot of previous experience with rendering packages to understand what is going on. No way of doing decals that I can find. The manual could be more clear.
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    Excellent all around...and FAST! 10/19/2007 by 'Chris Jacobs' from Chris Jacobs
    As much as I love Flamingo...and still use it (because I like the rendering style) - Vray is a superb rendering engine with the ability to bring your rhino models to life. Not only is it easy to use with a point-and-click render (set it and forget it) engine...it's also a very powerful feature-rich renderer. If you can afford it (as it's not cheap), and you're looking for a renderer for Rhino that can take you to that next level...this is the product you've been waiting for. I own Maxwell, and have had nothing but issues with it. I've never used it in any type of production environment. when I finally installed the 30-day demo of Vray...I was blown away...and will never (yes, never) use Maxwell again.
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    Senza rivali... 12/16/2006
    E' un programma che consente diversi livelli d'uso, ma i risultati già con pochi settaggi sono eccezionali per pulizia e rapidità di esecuzione. Certo che la padronanza totale del prodotto non è cosa da un giorno, ma gli sforzi sono ampiamente ripagati dai risultati. Eccezionale!!!
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    Help 3/26/2007 by 'Roder' from Roder
    por favor.. si alguien sabe de donde descargar el vray para rhino, denme una mano, plis! soy estudiante d diseño industrial y lo necesito, tengo rhino 4 pero me falta un renderizador, me canse del mediocre flamingo.. este es mi correo redhotchilirodri@hotmail.com ... estaré muy agradecido
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    No estoy de acuerdo con la usabilidad de Vray 1/24/2007
    Actualmente uso Vray, Maxwellrender y Flamingo, y no puedo aceptar que se diga que Vray es facil de usar. Todos sabemos la cantidad de horas que hemos tardado en aprender a usarlo. Despues de dos años ya lo domino, pero que nadie diga o se atrva a decir que el setup de la escena con Vray es facil. Fran
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    excellent soft shadows and realistic effects 12/20/2006
    v-ray offers superb results even with default white plastic and aluminum materials. a bit un-intuitive at the beginning, the results are photo-realistic and stunning, even though I'm no render guru! it's great to use it directly from rhino!
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    usabilidad 1/25/2007
    los problemas de Vray son los mismos que otros programas de hace tiempo pero van bien. El tema es que la curva de aprendizaje es larga y tienes que tirar 40 pruebas antes de dar con la solucion. Yo no estoy ni a favor ni en contra de Vray, es algo que uso a veces, pero como ahora hay tanto nuevo render merece tal vez la pena probar no?