Rhinoceros – ArchiCAD Connection

The Rhinoceros - ArchiCAD Connection enables ArchiCAD users on both the Mac and Windows platforms to import Rhino models into ArchiCAD as GDL objects.

The Rhino-ArchiCAD link converts a Rhino model into ArchiCAD geometry. The container of the Rhino-based model is GDL, which is ArchiCAD’s generic object format. For larger and complex models, GRAPHISOFT has introduced the option to convert a Rhino model into a set of (smaller) GDL objects. This process enables the user to retain separate logical parts within the same model while providing a functionality to monitor and easily update the imported Rhino models in ArchiCAD. The LCF option is also advised to enable ArchiCAD's performance optimization algorithm to work seamlessly on an imported large Rhino model.

For more information and to download the Rhino add-on for ArchiCAD, please visit http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/addons/interoperability/rhino.html.

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