OctaneRender for Rhino

OctaneRender is a very fast physically based renderer that can create photorealistic images using the graphics card. It uses a rendering method called path tracing, an extension of the ray tracing algorithm which can achieve extremely high quality lighting results without any artifacts. By performing the rendering on the graphics card, which excels in parallel tasks such as ray tracing, Octane can render an order of magnitude faster than unbiased CPU based renders.

OctaneRender for Rhino is an integrated plugin for Rhino which enables rendering of your Rhino scenes directly to Octane.  It provides a live viewport which synchronizes to the Rhino camera, and enables full editing of render and material settings with immediate feedback in the viewport.  The plugin supports the Rhino material system, enironment and sun settings and animation (including Bongo).  It includes features like a "material picker" from the Octane viewport and focus picking.    You can render to the Octane viewport, or to the Rhino render output panel with Octane.

There is a demo version of the plugin (http://render.otoy.com/downloads.php) for those wanting to see this functionality in more detail.


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Paul Kinnane, Physicalc Software

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