Rapid Ship Hull Modeling



Design ship hulls and yachts rapidly with this Hull Modeling Methodology for beginners and experienced Rhino3d users.

This method is excellent for concept design of all sorts of shapes. Also very powerful due to the usage of master curves which are exchangeable.


  • Bas Goris, naval architect
  • Phil Shapiro, naval architect/ Rhino trainer

With their permission RhinoCentre shares this knowledge for free. Please contact RhinoCentre for training to start using this method.

Please tell us about your comments, idea's, improvements and results.

Have fun!

Gerard Petersen Naval Architect

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Gerard Petersen, Rhinocentre
+31 58 2131855

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Wonderful provided service 2/4/2006
I've been searching for tutorials on 3D hull design. Fortunately, Rhino (Gerard Petersen) shares this practical technique with users. I am feeling so great to see this modeling and hoping to see some different hull aspects of modeling Rhino may provide. Great regard, Nick.