Rhino InLine Calculator/Unit converter

For Command Prompt (CP) 'lovers' Rhino InLine Calculator and unit converter. You do not need to move your attention/focus from the Rhino's command prompt, just type your formula, press CTRL or ENTER key and expression will be evaluated and calculated directly in CP. You can also specify conversion units... there are no dialogs or extra clicking involved. For more info on ecncRHCalc point your browser to: http://www.rhino3d.e-cnc.com ecncRHCalc updated to V2.2 - new Area conversion option - recognized a comma delimited input - recognized world coordinates w, relative coordinates r, world relative coordinates wr and angle prefixes < i.e. 2+3,6*2,9/3 ecncRHCalc will automatically place 5,12,3 before it reaches Rhino input 2+4in,sin(45),15cm : if your default units are mm you'll get the following ecncRHCalc output: 103.6,0.7071,150

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Mike DeJanovic, E-CNC, Inc.

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