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Okino Computer Graphics has focused on CAD, DCC and VisSim cross conversion software since 1988 via its PolyTrans and NuGraf software packages. We have been inolved with Rhino-3D and the Rhino team well before v1.0 even began to become well known. Connectivity has been with IGES, Lightwave and OBJ (we have one of the only OBJ importers which can handle the trimmed NURBS output from Rhino), and now full .3dm support. PolyTrans and its sibling NuGraf are well entrenched software packages in the 3D market for multi-purpose data conversion, viewing, optimization, manipulation & rendering of CAD, DCC and VisSim file formats. Converts from dozens of major 3D file formats to/from the Rhino .3dm format. Includes tools to optimize CAD files prior to import into the destination file format. Batch conversion, polygon reduction, scripting, real-time ATI/NVIDIA pixel shaders, embedded multi-media file viewer+editor, and many more features are included in the current shipping version. The optional CAD/Pack supports import from Autodesk Inventor, DWF-3D, DWG, , Solid Edge import and SolidWorks. The optional and most popular Granite/Pack supports the full suite of PTC Granite importer licenses: ACIS, IGES (solids), Parasolid, native ProE native parts & assemblies, Pro/DESKTOP, STEP & VDA-FS. And the optional DCC/Pack supports Autodesk FBX import/export, Collada import/export, OpenFlight import/export, PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in system, PolyTrans-for-Softimage native plug-in system and Softimage|XSI (.dotXSI) import/export. Please refer to the file format page for more details. The downloadable demo version includes every supported file format, including all of the PTC Granite converters and Rhino-3D import/export converters. Additional WEB URLs: Optional add-on license descriptions Okino Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS exporter Okino Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS importer

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