RhinoThearos - Thea to Rhino Plugin

Thea Render© si a physically-based high-quality global illumination render featuring state-of-art techniques in both biased photorealistic and unbiased modes.
Thea Render© comes with its own standalone application (Studio) with various tools, an advanced material editor and ultimate staging operations. It's available for al the major platforms - Windows, Linux, MacOSX - with plugins for many modelling aplications.
RhinoThearos is the Rhino software plug-in, designed & developed by +iso, to bridge the gap between the Thea Render© engine and Rhinoceros 3D©.   
Developed 100% in C++ and using the latest Rhino RDK routines, RhinoThearos has been designed to bring an advanced front-end offering the whole set of scene setup tools available in Thea combined with Rhino powerful modelling capabilities. 
The core exporting engine has been developed to guarantee compliance with the native Rhino tools by properly exporting nested blocks, hierarchical groups structures and layers definition in order to ease the user experience through the adoption of  this tools in his strengthened workflow. RhinoThearos also integrates a standard native Thea Material Editor to create, edit and even import/export native Thea's material in order to ensure a flexible material editing tool directly connected to the render engine. Camera settings as well as scene, sun/sky and environment settings can be controlled directly from Rhino through proper dialogs. Multiple UV-set control, selective optimized export routines, OpenGL previews complete the current RhinoThearos functionalities.

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Riccardo Gigante, +iso
+39 085 201 8905

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