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Evolute offers leading expertise in geometric computing and optimization far beyond the functionality available in current CAD systems. Contact us if you have any problem related to geometry and together we will develop a solution fully customized to your specific needs. Profit from our experience gained in numerous projects, our state of the art technology based on our own, cutting-edge research, and our flexible and powerful software tools.

We support you in realizing your vision

We may be involved in any step of the design and production process and have successfully worked with architects, designers, manufacturers, and constructors. Our services include:

  • production aware design tools
  • custom RhinoScripts and Rhino plugins
  • data extraction from complex geometry for CNC machining
  • facade geometry optimizations for various aesthetics or production constraints (planarity, smoothness)
  • rationalization, layout of panels and substructure, related engineering tasks
  • production optimization (node optimization, production tracking)
  • quality control (3D measurement and analysis of manufacturing precision)
  • 3d modelling of complex geometry, spaceframes, surface parametrization




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Alexander Schiftner, Evolute GmbH
+43 1 503 1231

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